VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Whitney Cummings, Sofia Vergara, And More Fantastic Celebs Celebrated The Premiere Of Their Brilliant Movie “The Female Brain!”

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What makes us fall in love with the person we fall in love with? In the brilliant movie, The Female Brain, neuroscientist Julia, who is played by the outstanding actress, Whitney Cummings, dives into intensive research of the female and male brains and attempts to answer that very question. Is it the hormones and chemicals that dictate over our life, so much so, that it makes us compulsively fall in love with someone – even when we know it may not be the right thing for us? Or do we just let love take its own course because no matter how much we try to control it, you can’t stop falling in love with someone?

The Female Brain has the perfect mix of fascinating, scientific research combined with hilarious moments and a few couples who we all find ourselves relating to in some way or another. In the film, neuroscientist Julia thinks that she has it all down pat. After her marriage that went astray, she vowed that she won’t get wrapped up in this silly thing we call… love. Throughout her research, she discovered the differences between the male and female brains and she thought she found a way to rewire her brain to not be like everyone else and fall in love, especially not with Mr. Wrong. The movie focuses on three couples: Zoe, played by Cecily Strong, and Greg, played by Blake Griffin, who find that their problems with their careers happen to make its way into their relationship. Next we have Lisa, played by Sofia Vergara, and Steven, played by Deon Cole, who can’t seem to find the excitement and happiness anymore in their relationship. They’re basically just staying together for their child. Lastly, we have Lexi, played by Lucy Punch, and Adam, played by James Marsden. Lexi finds everything wrong with Adam and she feels it’s her responsibility to make everything better… but is that really what Adam wants?

Through these dynamic characters, we’re able to learn how people fall in… and out… of love and what it takes to make things work. However, when a new subject named Kevin joins Julia’s study, she realizes that maybe all of her research isn’t what she thought it was to be. Maybe, just maybe, she really didn’t get to rewire her brain after all and love is really what’s in store for her.

The Female Brain is absolutely brilliant and will have you mesmerized every minute of the movie. There couldn’t have been a better cast filled with the most immensely talented, gifted and consummate actors and actresses who put their heart and passion into this magnificent project. Whitney Cummings once again proved herself to be one multi-talented and prolific individual who serves as a great role model and inspiration to everyone as she not only did an extraordinary job starring in the movie, but she even wrote and directed it too. Talk about being a total #BossLady! There was never a dull moment in the fantastic film and it’s a movie that everyone will enjoy watching.

The remarkable movie celebrated its exciting premiere on February 1, 2018 at the ArcLight Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. The incredible cast of the movie had a stellar time seeing all of their hard work pay off on the big screen at the terrific premiere. After the screening of the wonderful movie, a special after-party took place with scrumptious food and excellent drinks at the AVENUE.

I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had a marvelous time attending the premiere of The Female Brain and I am blown away by how spectacular this movie is.

Check out some more pictures below from the premiere of The Female Brain and be sure to watch the official trailer of the movie out now.

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