Article: Halsey Surprises The Cutest Sneaker Fan In A Brand New Episode Of Complex’s “Sneaker Shopping” – Watch Here!

Photo Credits: Complex

Complex’s show Sneaker Shopping has and continues to be an absolute hit amongst viewers worldwide. The remarkable show, hosted by the fantastic Joe La Puma, features some of the biggest names in the biz – from musicians to sports stars and many other awesome celebrities as La Puma takes them shopping for some sneakers and talks about who some of their inspirations are and about some of their career-transforming moments.

Recently, music sensation Halsey took her turn at a fun episode of Sneaker Shopping, which caught the attention of an adorable super-fan. After watching Halsey’s episode, 5-year-old Luna Stracci told her dad that she wanted to recreate the episode using her own shoes. Halsey caught a hold of the tweet as seen below:

She tweeted back with the most heart-warming answer:

And the rest is history… The super cute sneaker fan got surprised with her very own Sneaker Shopping episode with none other than Halsey making a special appearance in the episode. The wonderful episode will truly put the biggest smile on your face and it’s a magnificent thing to watch to start off your week in an uplifting way. Luna Stracci chatted with Joe La Puma about who else she wants to see on the show and wanting to have the same shoes as her father.

Joe Stracci, Luna’s father, shared this outstanding “thank-you” tweet to Halsey, Joe La Puma and Complex:

Check out Halsey surprising Luna Stracci with her very own marvelous episode of Sneaker Shopping below!

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