Article: Join In On The Fun Twitter Fest As SpongeBob Will Be Answering Tweets For #SaySomethingNiceDay! 

Photo Credits: @SpongeBob On Instagram

What better way to start off the first day of June than by receiving a tweet from one of everyone’s favorite animated characters of all time?! Today marks #SaySomethingNiceDay and it’s a wonderful day that we all should celebrate today and everyday. It’s such a great feeling to be nice to one another and to put a smile on someone’s face because of complimenting them and making them feel good. It could be something so simple like saying “Hello!” to someone who may be having a tough day or complimenting someone on their hard work, whatever it is, it is always a fantastic thing to go out of your way and say something nice to someone.

The iconic SpongeBob SquarePants will be joining in on the fun today with a magnificent Twitter fest. SpongeBob will be responding to as many people as possible on his Twitter account: @SpongeBob to celebrate #SaySomethingNiceDay.

SpongeBob tweeted:

SpongeBob kicked off the excitement today by tweeting:

Go ahead, what are you waiting for?! Tweet @SpongeBob something nice and you might just get a super sweet reply back!

Be sure to check out my interview with the cast of SpongeBob SquarePants below!


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