Article: Jillian Rose Reed Looked So Fabulous At The Boohoo X Paris Hilton Collection Launch Party!

Photo Credits: Zimbio

She’s hot! The fantastic and incredibly talented Jillian Rose Reed looked magnificent and so beautiful as she attended the Boohoo x Paris Hilton Collection Launch Party yesterday, June 20, 2018 at Delilah in West Hollywood, California. The fabulous actress was styled by Boohoo for the event and wore a “That’s hot!” bodysuit (a hit catchphrase of the one and only Paris Hilton and an item from her very own Boohoo collection) along with flower-printed pants and a laced cardigan. Jillian Rose Reed is such a fashionista.

It looks like Jillian Rose Reed had a marvelous time at the event. She definitely rocked the event’s black carpet and looked oh, so flawless as always!

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