VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Director Michael Dweck’s “The Last Race” Is An Adrenaline-Filled, Incredible Documentary That Everyone Should Race On Over To See – RECAP Of The Special Screening Event Here!

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There’s one spectacular documentary that everyone is racing on over to see and it’s the phenomenal Michael Dweck’s film, The Last Race. It’s adrenaline-filled and action-packed and this brilliant documentary brings you into the lives of people who live and breathe the American racing tradition. The Last Race focuses on the last racetrack left in Long Island, New York known as the Riverhead Raceway. What was once a place that was bustling with racetracks all over, more than 40 across Long Island, now had only one left standing. This meant one thing: the future of the Riverhead Raceway was left uncertain. The Riverhead Raceway was under pressure of being targeted by real estate developers, just like what happened to all of the other racetracks that no longer exist. Instead, what now stands are shopping malls and other commercial areas. The Last Race shows how dedicated drivers are fighting for more than just to make it to the finish line, but to also keep their passion alive.

Award-winning filmmaker Michael Dweck has always had a love for racing, so it was only natural for him to create such a captivating documentary about the fast-paced lives of blue-collar Americans who love to be behind the wheel. Dweck grew up spending his time visiting the racetrack every Tuesday and Saturday night. As the years went by, he continued his enthusiasm for racing by capturing still photographs of the cars, but he knew that there was a story behind each of these photos. A story that needed to be told and one that couldn’t be told just through photos. That’s where production on The Last Race began.

Dweck tells the story of racers and their home at the Riverhead Raceway in a fascinating and intriguing way that has never been done before. He introduces viewers to octogenarian owners of the Riverhead Raceway, Barbara and Jim Cromarty. Every time this couple is seen in the film, your heart will melt. The Cromartys were adamant to keep the raceway standing. Barbara and Jim were determined to keep working as that is what gave them both life. However, they were constantly bombarded with offers from real estate agents to take hold of their property that is worth an enormous amount of money.


Director Michael Dweck immersed himself into the racing culture and by doing so, he has allowed all viewers to enter in the world of race-car driving as well. The audience gets to see the good and the bad when it comes to racing. Dweck literally got up close and personal with drivers and showed their triumphs and tantrums. It’s clear to see that Dweck truly has the eye for creating something special. The Last Race also includes so many touching moments and hidden gems that add up to the film’s perfection. In addition, Dweck manages to juxtapose classical music along with high speeds in a clever and interesting way that adds extra excitement to the film.


T’was a marvelous night on November 13, 2018 as Michael Dweck and many celebrities attended a special screening of The Last Race at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California. There couldn’t have been a more fitting place for a special screening of the exceptional film. Home to cars including the DeLorean Time Machine from the iconic Back to the Future movies as well as a countless amount of unique motorcycles, the atmosphere of the Petersen Automotive Museum allowed attendees to get fully engrossed into the film and racing culture. Once the screening of the film was complete, a terrific Q&A took place where attendees were able to find out more from Dweck about the process of creating his masterpiece of a film. Afterwards, guests were able to enjoy a plethora of scrumptious, gourmet cheeses, breadsticks and jams.

The cinematography in this film is remarkable and The Last Race really allows all viewers to see and even resonate with many of the characters. Michael Dweck and cinematographer / producer Gregory Kershaw truly created something stupendous with this film and everyone should definitely strap on their seat-belts and get ready for a great ride with The Last Race.


I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had an incredible time attending the special screening of The Last Race and this film is absolutely phenomenal. There truly is never a dull moment and each scene in the film will draw you in. Everyone should definitely go out and see The Last Race and for all you car enthusiasts, get ready because this will totally be your new favorite film!


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