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Virtual reality is all the rave, but there is one VR experience that truly stands out from the rest. We’re talking about Dreamscape, a brand new venue at the Westfield Century City in Los Angeles, California that is taking the excitement of VR to another level. Dreamscape is more than just a fantastic, virtual reality experience – it’s an unforgettable moment that you will cherish forever. Dreamscape officially opened to the public on December 14, 2018 and already, it has become a massive hit and trending topic amongst everyone. With three, fascinating and wondrous shows to choose from including “Alien Zoo,” “The Blu: Deep Rescue” and “Lavan’s Magic Projector: The Lost Pearl,” it’s time to get ready to enjoy an adventure of a lifetime!

Dreamscape is absolutely mesmerizing and it will truly leave you in awe from start to finish. Backed by some of Hollywood’s heaviest hitters, Dreamscape brings together the emotions and surreal cinematography you see in movies while also incorporating the rush and excitement you get from an amusement park. You may have tried VR before, but Dreamscape is not about trying VR, it’s about being a part of it. Dreamscape allows you to enter in a world and explore it in such fascinating and breathtakingly beautiful ways.

Here’s how your day will start at Dreamscape:

After checking-in, you get to pick your very own avatar for your adventure. Your avatar makes the experience feel even more genuine and personal. Each show has a different outfit for your avatar, which allows you to fully be a part of the story. For instance, for “The Blu: Deep Rescue,” your avatar will be ready to jump into the vast ocean in a diving suit. Then, you get to wait for your adventure to start in the Departure Lounge. The Departure Lounge kicks off all of the fun as it is incredibly classy and filled with tons of memorabilia from each of the shows that you’ll get to look at. The Departure Lounge is also where you can get some amazing souvenirs to remember the excellent time you had at Dreamscape. Next, you’ll move into a room where you will get all of your gear. You’ll get a light backpack, hand and foot sensors and an Oculus VR headset. Then, the adventure awaits…

Let’s learn more about the shows at Dreamscape:

“Alien Zoo:” Have you ever wondered what it would be like to roam around the same land as endangered alien creatures?! Well, wonder no more and experience it for yourself at Dreamscape! In “Alien Zoo,” you will instantaneously be left speechless with the stunning and picturesque landscape. Before you know it, you’re getting up close and personal and even getting to pet some alien creatures. On top of that, you get to have a blast and play some catch with the frogcats. Yes, you read that right… frogcats! These super adorable mascots of Dreamscape bring extra joy to the experience. You’ll be wishing you could keep one as your very own pet. The adventure doesn’t end there. You and your friends then have to work together to fight off the galaxy’s terrifying predator. “Alien Zoo” had a sold-out, six-week pop up earlier this year and now this brilliant show is back to allow more people to enter in this phenomenal world.

To get your tickets to “Alien Zoo,” visit here.


“Lavan’s Magic Projector: The Lost Pearl:” Get ready to be the star of the show in “Lavan’s Magic Projector: The Lost Pearl.” This incredible VR experience allows you to really become a part of the movie. You get to maze through the world in order to find the desired Lost Pearl. This show will definitely give you some Indiana Jones vibes. Do you have what it takes to be the savior of the day and get the Lost Pearl?! Join in on the super fun ride by taking part in this outstanding show. It truly is action-packed and there are thrilling adventures at every turn.

To be a part of this remarkable movie, get your tickets for “Lavan’s Magic Projector: The Lost Pearl” here.


“The Blu: Deep Rescue:” Jump into your diving suit – it’s time for a trip to the big, blue sea. It goes without saying, going underwater and seeing all of the magnificent marine life is something that is at the top of everyone’s bucket list. Now, you get to go under the sea and encounter marine animals and take on the role of an oceanographer. It’s up to you and your friends to help reunite a family of whales together. This extraordinary show will captivate you every second.

To take a trip underwater, get your tickets to “The Blu: Deep Rescue” here.


Words will never be able to describe just how stupendous Dreamscape is. It truly is an epic experience that you will want to share with all of your friends and family-members. Dreamscape makes for a perfect birthday party or a day out with your friends. Plus, with its terrific location inside the Westfield Century City Mall, you can enjoy a movie or a delicious dinner and top off your day with a sensational VR experience that can’t be beat.

I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had the honor of covering and attending the VIP sneak-peek of Dreamscape on December 13th and I didn’t want my time at Dreamscape to end. Dreamscape has a magical feeling in the air where you know you are in for a special treat. It’s clear to see that a team of geniuses came together to make Dreamscape. Dreamscape truly is a revolutionary VR experience that this world had needed all along.

Check out some pictures of Dreamscape below and be sure to get your tickets now. Follow @VisitDreamscape on Twitter and Instagram!

Photo Credits: @VisitDreamscape on Instagram

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