VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: YAJUN Takes Streetwear To Another Level With Her Show-Stopping Autumn / Winter 2019 Collection – Take A Look At The Designs In Alexisjoyvipaccess’ New York Fashion Week Vlog! 

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Streetwear has been all the rave and it continues to be a big trend nowadays with people rocking this kind of clothing all over the globe. This awesome style has become more than just a part of the fashion world, it has become a movement with its own community and conventions, magazines and lingo. Speaking of lingo, one name that is renowned in the fashion world is YAJUN: a designer who is taking over the fashion industry by storm. YAJUN, whose full name is Yajun Melody Lin, has and continues to impress everyone with her unique combination of streetwear clothing along with classy and polished designs. YAJUN never fails to shake things up with all of her pieces and she allows fashion enthusiasts to expect the unexpected with all of her collections.

Born in Nanjing, China and a graduate of Fashion Design at Parsons, YAJUN won the Kering x Vogue competition back in 2016, which led to her designs being featured on and in the windows of Saks Fifth Avenue. Her intriguing and show-stopping collections are loved by stylists and celebrities alike. In fact, stylist Mel Otternberg dressed the one and only Rihanna in one of YAJUN’s incredible pieces for the artist’s 2016 VMAs performance.

For an innovator like YAJUN, inspiration is constantly surrounding her. YAJUN has pulled inspiration from a host of things for her collections including objects she has come across as well as conceptual ideas. For her Autumn / Winter 2019 collection, YAJUN focused on the theme: “philosophy in the flesh.” Within the collection, the admired designer emphasized three concepts: time, space and the unconscious and their relation to the body. Every aspect of YAJUN’s pieces – from the cuts to the tailoring and the fabric and color used, everything joins together to relay YAJUN’s vision.

YAJUN also draws creativity from her own name. “Ya” means “elegant” in Chinese, while “jun” means “gentleman.” YAJUN shows this dual nature in her collections where her pieces exhibit a poise and finesse essence while also giving an edgy, rebellious kind of vibe. In addition, her pieces are fitting for males and females who are natural trendsetters just like YAJUN herself.

Each of YAJUN’s collections tells a fascinating story of their own. Her pieces are jaw-dropping and spectacular and unlike anything else that is seen in the bustling, fashion atmosphere. YAJUN’s designs are incredibly hip and this skillful and immensely talented designer instantly grabs everyone’s attention and captivates the world with her unmatched collections.

I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had the honor of attending Yajun’s Autumn / Winter 2019 show during New York Fashion Week and I adored her striking and phenomenal collection. There were a countless amount of items from her collection I wanted to get myself. Check out my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE vlog below to see my extraordinary time at Yajun’s NYFW show and to see a few of my many favorite pieces from her Autumn / Winter collection.

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Photo Credits: Yuchem Liao / Getty Images

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