Article: Adam McArthur Had A Blast In The Big Apple Hosting His 1st Annual New York Comic-Con Super Awesome Boba Fan Meet-up – See Pics Here!

Photo Credits: Percy Rose Photography (@percograph)

Meeting one of the greatest voice-actors of all time plus getting to sip on some delicious boba drinks – what could possibly be better than that?! The immensely talented Adam McArthur always makes it a priority to connect with and meet as many of his fans as possible. He always puts in a lot of time and effort into coordinating his exciting and incredibly fun, boba fan meet-ups that he does yearly at San Diego Comic Con. Well, for the first time ever, Adam McArthur hosted a magnificent New York Comic Con Super Awesome Boba Fan Meet-up on October 4, 2019 in Bryant Park. Needless to say, it was a total blast as tons of Star vs. the Forces of Evil fans gathered together for a fabulous day with Adam McArthur.

Fans rocked their awesome Star vs. The Forces of Evil cosplay and merch as they chatted with Adam McArthur and took excellent photos with the brilliant actor. Bryant Park became Star vs. the Forces of Evil mania with SVTFOE Funko POPs!, Star wands and more. It truly was a magical day indeed!

Adam McArthur shared his outstanding day on Instagram and wrote along with a photo he posted, “Today was a great day! I hope everyone had a great time! #nyccsuperawesomebobameetup.”

Check out some more photos below from Adam McArthur’s remarkable New York Comic-Con Super Awesome Boba Fan Meet-up and stay tuned for Adam’s new merch, a:DM, coming soon!

Photo Credits: Percy Rose Photography (@percograph)

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