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Multi-threat Asia Monet Ray never fails to mesmerize everyone with every project that she works on. From her incredible music to her brilliant, acting skills and her unrivaled, dance moves – Asia Monet Ray always wows the crowd. Well, the immensely talented, ray of sunshine has done it again and has left us all in awe with the release of her brand new single titled, Real Life. Showing her versatility as an artist, Real Life is quite different from other songs she has released before and shows a side of Ray that fans may have never seen before.

“‘Real Life’  is so different from my last two, empowering dance anthems, “Hey Girl” and “Come Along,” said Asia Monet Ray. “This time around I went into the recording studio with my team and amazing writer and producer, Lauren Evans and Lance Tolbert; and we collectively decided not to record another dance song, which I know most people expect and want me to release due to my dance background. As uncomfortable as it was at first to show a more personal and vulnerable side of myself to the world, I was inspired by just being able to open up and share my thoughts, fears and struggles on my platform; and hopefully in the process, people would see another side of me and relate to the lyrics. As I recorded this song, I felt how important it is for the social media world and my generation to know that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes and we were born to be real, not perfect.” 

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My new song ‘’Real Life’ is now live on all music platforms. I’m really happy to share this song with you all. Im sorry it’s been a minute since my last song. Thank you for being patient. This time around I was a bit nervous in the studio about this song at first. It’s a more personal song with emotions that are sometimes uncomfortable for me. I want to thank my supportive and talented team, who has always been there. We have always took our time to create the best projects that we all collectively feel great about. They always bring out the best in me even when it’s uncomfortable to share my real feelings and emotions and be vulnerable to the word. Thank you @thereallevans and @thelancetolbert for taking my feelings and fears and creating such beautiful Lyrics that hit home with me. And big Thank you @kellisae, my day one, for believing in me at the age of 9yrs old and taking me under your wings, I am so thankful for you. And @monetbagneris .. thank you for supporting every session with us❤️Much love to my A Team. I’m so very grateful! All of you, that continue to motivate me and support me here, It is never taken for granted or over looked. I thank you for following my Journey with me and always being here. . Please comment what you feel or take away from this song. Love you guys!! Link in the bio❤️

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The lovely Asia Monet Ray has always been and continues to be such a great role model to all of her fans. Whether it’s through her music or her social media posts, Ray always motivates and encourages her fans to have self-love and be confident in themselves. Her song, Real Life, is something that people of all ages, especially those who use social media, need to hear. In her song, Ray emphasizes the idea that “perfection looks amazing, but it’s not real life.”

The song is absolutely remarkable and we all are definitely listening to it 24/7. Ray talked about the different music style she decided to venture into for this song in comparison to the dance anthems she has released before.

“I love the vibe of this song so much,” said the 14-year-old singer. “It’s how I actually love to record, with more of an acoustic feel. To have my vocals be the main focus and clear on the track and with these lyrics – it was perfect. The track created by producer Lance Tolbert with his mixture of live strings made the sound of this track amazing.” 


Asia Monet Ray’s vocals are absolutely stunning and so striking. Her harmonious vocals resemble a mixture of Beyonce, Andra Day and Janelle Monae, with her own terrific flair to top it all off. Making this song was very special for the wonderful Asia Monet Ray.

“The creative process was with my team in the studio working out what I’ve been feeling for quite sometime now, the struggles,” said Ray. “Being in the public eye, you tend to guard your emotions and put on your happy face and feel you can’t show the world that you’re not okay or sad, because on the outside, everything looks perfect. Then, Lauren Evens created lyrics that hit home and I knew this was the song I wanted to share regardless of how scary it was for me to show my vulnerable side.”

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It goes without saying, Real Life is a great hit and is a powerful song with a fantastic meaning. When asked what is the biggest takeaway she’d like fans to get from listening to this song, Ray said, “Wow, there are so many things people can relate to in this song. I believe everyone will listen and takeaway something different from the lyrics that sticks out to them, that relates to their own lives personally, and that’s what I want. I want people to know that I too struggle with my feelings, emotions and fears. Even if it’s uncomfortable for me, I want my music to always have people feeling something – knowing that we all have our struggles and the struggles we have today are developing our strengths.”

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Trust the timing of your life.

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A big congratulations to Asia Monet Ray on the release of her impactful song, Real Life. You can purchase / stream Real Life out now on all music platforms.

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