Article: Nikki DeLoach, Eliza Pryor, Benjamin Stockham, Renee Olstead And More Showed Their Support At The Alzheimer’s Association Los Angeles Walk!


November marks Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and several, terrific celebrities gathered together to show their support at the Alzheimer’s Association Los Angeles Walk on November 2, 2019 at the Los Angeles Zoo in Los Angeles, California. Hallmark star and Alzheimer’s Association Celebrity Champion, Nikki DeLoach gave a moving and touching speech at the event in honor of her father who is living with a rare form of dementia called, Pick’s Disease. Nikki DeLoach was joined by Netflix’s Team Kaylie star, Eliza Pryor to lead the Promise Garden ceremony, which honored people and their connection to Alzheimer’s by giving them different colored flowers.

Nikki DeLoach shared a brilliant post on her Instagram account of her time at the Alzheimer’s Association Los Angeles Walk. Along with the post, as seen below, she wrote, “WOW. My heart overflows with gratitude, thanks, and love for the tremendous humans that showed up to give their support at The Walk to End Alzheimer’s this weekend. Our Los Angeles team tripled in size!! They had to get up before the sun, in the cold, many of them with their kiddos in tow. This is what community looks like. This is what friendship looks like. This is what it looks like to have a service driven heart. And I cannot believe they are my pals. I am the luckiest. Words can’t even begin to describe my gratitude. Love you all to the stars!”


Other celebrities in attendance at the inspiring walk included Benjamin Stockham, Renee Olstead, Belinda Gosbee, Victoria Konefal and Jaicy Elliot.

Benjamin Stockham posted the photo as seen below on his Instagram account and wrote, “Excited to do the LA Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Thanks @chloenoelle910 for joining me today to raise money for the fight to #ENDALZ #Walk2EndAlz. Shoutout to @katzpublicrelation @jkatzprpro for the opportunity to attend this event. #importantcause #whiteflowers @alzassociation @actionalz.”


Renee Olstead shared the beautiful selfie as seen below at the walk and wrote, “Nearly to the finish line! It was an honor to join @alznca@nikdeloach @jkatzprpro today in the fight for a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. One in three people will be diagnosed and nearly everyone will have alz touch their life. It was an honor to take part in the pursuit of a cure. #endalz.”


It’s so wonderful to see these amazing celebs show their support towards such an impactful cause! Check out some more photos below from the Alzheimer’s Association Los Angeles Walk.

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