Article: Get Ready To Glow! Glow Recipe Celebrated The Launch Of Its New Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream At A Special Launch Party With Laganja Estranja – RECAP!

Photo Credits: @LaganjaEstranja on Instagram

This holiday season is all about the glow! Renowned, fruit-powered skincare company, Glow Recipe celebrated the launch of its amazing, new banana soufflé moisture cream during a special launch party, which took place on December 4, 2019 at The Standard Downtown Los Angeles. Attendees were able to try out the outstanding and revolutionary product at the event and take part in all of the fun festivities.

Especially during the wintertime, we often experience a lot of skin problems, however, Glow Recipe is here to help. The banana soufflé moisture cream keeps your skin looking healthy and hydrated. This phenomenal product is made out of pure ingredients including bananas, magnesium, chia seed, turmeric, and cica, and is also parabens and sulfates-free. Each of the ingredients are responsible for taking care of the skin in different ways. Bananas help restore water depletion, and turmeric helps soothe and calm redness, while also balancing and brightening uneven skin tone. Needless to say, Glow Recipe’s banana soufflé moisture cream is a must-have product that smells delicious and works wonders on your skin.

At the launch party, guests were treated with scrumptious boba drinks and snapped adorable pictures with jumbo-sized banana soufflé moisture cream props. Attendees also enjoyed a fantastic performance by choreographer and drag queen, Laganja Estranja. Laganja Estranja was dressed to impress in a fabulous, yellow dress and yellow boa accessory, then changed to a brilliant, banana-inspired outfit to slay the stage.

Laganja Estranja posted several, excellent photos on Instagram and wrote, “Performance photos from the @glowrecipe launch party 🍌💛 Watch a shortened version of our banana show right now on my IGTV!! Special thanks to all my collaborators for making this a possibility: Hair @websterwigs MUA @pastelvogue Costume @mister_howie Rhinestoning @lilcrys01 Shoes @pleasershoes Custom Mix @beatsforqueens Dancers @chrisdiprete @dev_romare.”


Glow Recipe Co-CEO Sarah Lee shared her enthusiasm over the product launch. She wrote along with the photo below shared on Instagram, “I wish I actually had a Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream in this jumbo size! 🍌💛 #bananasouffle.”


Co-CEO of Glow Recipe, Christine Chang shared a wonderful, moisturizing routine on her Instagram account using the banana soufflé moisture cream. See the exceptional video below!


Glow Recipe continues to leave everyone in awe with their unrivaled products. Glow Recipe’s products work with every kind of skin and the lasting results are truly mesmerizing. If your new year’s resolution is to keep your skin revitalized and full of glow, then be sure to get your Glow Recipe products and banana soufflé moisture cream here. Glow Recipe is the best gift to give and receive this holiday season.

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Check out some more photos below from the Glow Recipe banana soufflé moisture cream launch party!

Photo Credits: @LaganjaEstranja on Instagram

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