Article: Nickelodeon Teams Up With Rachael Ray And Expert Baker Amirah Kassem For A Day Of Sprinkles, Unicorns And More Fun In “Cake My Day” Special Airing July 17th!

Cake My Day - Amirah Kassem
Photo Credits: Nickelodeon

Sprinkles, unicorns, glitter – oh my! A magical explosion of FUN is about to go down in Nickelodeon’s exciting, new special, Cake My Day set to premiere on Friday, July 17th at 7:30 PM ET/PT. Executive produced by the one and only Rachael Ray and expert baker Amirah Kassem (founder of Flour Shop in New York and the creator of the sprinkle-filled Rainbow Explosion Cake), the magnificent special will “give a deserving kid the opportunity to bake the cake of their dreams” (source: press release).

“In Cake My Day, Kassem invites Charlotte, a triplet who has never had a birthday that felt like her own, to her colorful kitchen to bake a Rainbow Explosion Cake together. Charlotte, however, has no idea that her brothers Oliver and Sam have secretly planned for the day of cakemaking to turn into the biggest surprise birthday celebration she has ever had. The special also features an appearance by DIY content creator Karina Garcia and a performance by dance superstars The Lab” (source: press release).

The super sweet and delicious special is bound to bring a whole lot of joy to all viewers. It comes at a perfect time to bring big smiles onto viewers’ faces during this unprecedented time with the pandemic. The wonderful special will be filled with creativity and a whole lot of delectable treats!

Cake My Day
Photo Credits: Courtesy of Nickelodeon

Renowned cook and television personality Rachael Ray shared her excitement over working on the project and said, “With my favorite unicorn Amirah Kassem spreading her signature sprinkles and smiles, Cake My Day is a delicious celebration that I can’t wait to share with families everywhere. This is a show guaranteed to fill your day with color and cake! And, will leave you racing into the kitchen to use Amirah’s tips and tricks to whip up some crazy creations of your own” (source: press release).

Culinary expert and author Amirah Kassem said, “I’m so, so excited to show the world how we can all use birthdays to create more joy for everyone around us. Cake My Day was born out of a way of life I like to call the ‘Birthday Lifestyle,’ where we live everyday like it’s our birthday by being with our favorite people, dressing in our favorite clothes, and of course, eating our favorite foods! It’s more important than ever to remember that we can all create happiness through celebration, and no matter what is happening in the world, we need to celebrate one another. Full of surprises, my hope is that Cake My Day will inspire kids, and adults, to live the birthday lifestyle and celebrate their family and friends. We need to keep spreading magic, rainbows, glitter, unicorns and eating cake!” (source: press release).

Kassem always brings her vibrant personality to her colorful and artistic creations and we’re so excited to see what she creates with Charlotte in the Cake My Day special. Get ready to live the “Birthday Lifestyle” and tune in to Cake My Day airing on July 17th at 7:30 PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon!

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