Article: Looking For The Perfect Summertime Hairdo? Pureology Is Here To Help Keep Your Hair Looking Luscious With The Launch Of Its Renovated Product Line – Get Deets On The Products Here!

Pureology Shampoo
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Taking care of your hair may not be the easiest task. There’s a lot that goes into it like, what kind of shampoo / conditioner should you use? What are the ingredients inside the shampoo / conditioner that you’re using? Are the products you’re using actually helping your hair or harming it? This summer, it’s time to take control of your ‘do and choose a hair care brand that’s right for you! Say hello to Pureology – the number one professional color care brand.

Pureology is the hair care company that stylists swear by and the renowned brand has completely renovated its product lineup this summer with a new look and select formula improvements. We do a lot to our hair and one of the biggest causes of damage can be due to hair-coloring. Pureology is all about “color care without compromise” and provides some of the best products to keep your hair looking luscious and feeling hydrated all day, every day.

The best part about Pureology is its commitment towards sustainable practices. Pureology prides over its products being eco-friendly and without things like sulfates and parabens. Pureology’s products are 100% vegan and are made with an Antifade Complex, a patented ingredient blend infused to protect color vibrancy.


Pureology’s spectacular products are a fan-favorite amongst stylists and hair-care enthusiasts due to its concentrated formulates, which boast 70+ applications in a single bottle and its Zerosulfate, which is a blend of corn, coconut and sugar to cleanse without stripping color. Plus, Pureology’s products have a 95% post-consumer recycled plastic packaging that is 100% recyclable.

When picking hair care products, it’s important to choose a brand that cares for both your hair and the impact it makes on the environment. According to the press release, “The new Pureology boasts a reduction in carbon footprint during sourcing of ingredients and raw materials and increased water conservation through concentrated formulas.”

“The moment where women feel the most beautiful and confident is in the salon chair after a fresh salon service. That’s the power of a professional stylist service,” said Candy Gebhart, General Manager, Pureology. “It’s that moment of feeling undeniably beautiful and confident that Pureology aims to preserve from the inside out, from salon visit to salon visit” (source: press release).


Pureology’s new and improved products include shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products that assist with hydration, strength, smoothing, toning, volume, and texture and hold.

“The Pureology modernization has been in planning stages for over a year, however, distribution was temporarily paused in solidarity with the medical and racial pandemics currently affecting the global population. While progress on each respective front continues to evolve, stylists and salon-goers can expect that once beauty businesses open up again, the new Pureology will be available to offer socially-conscious products that are committed to people, the planet and causes that advance the benevolence of both” (source: press release).

If you’re looking for the perfect summer ‘do, Pureology has got you covered! With its beautiful, environmentally-conscious packaging and exceptional products that give the BEST results, it’s clear to see why Pureology is a go-to brand of many.


The renovated Pureology product lineup is available now on, SalonCentric and will be fully available this month at ULTA and, with a launch on Slay your summertime locks with Pureology’s fabulous products!

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