Article: Gifted Artist ARIA Shares Powerful Music Video For Her Original Song, “Am I Next?” – Watch Here!

Photo Credits: Tevin Johnson

“If you see something that is not right, say something, do something.” The powerful music video for singer, songwriter and actress ARIA’s new song, “Am I Next?” begins with an audio recording of that moving quote and footage from the Black Lives Matter movement protests. This immensely talented teen has not only established herself as a shining star in the entertainment world, but she’s also using her platform to speak out for social justice and continue to make a positive difference in the world.

ARIA, who is a familiar face in the hit Nickelodeon sketch-comedy series, All That, recently released her own original song, “Am I Next?” in which she contemplates the dangers facing her generation and the African American community today and emphasizes the importance of activism and standing up for what’s right.

Am I Next? Music Video
Photo Credits: Am I Next? Music Video

The extraordinary song is written by none other than ARIA herself and has such moving lyrics that will bring tears to your eyes. The single is incredibly impactful and inspires everyone to go the extra mile to make this world a better place, to educate ourselves and others about the Black Lives Matter movement, and find every way possible to help – whether it’s through donating, signing petitions, or spreading the word on social media, to name a few.

The phenomenal ARIA shared her excitement over her single’s release and posted the following caption on her Instagram, “Am I Next? by ARIA is available on ALL streaming platforms NOW 🙌🏽 Thanks to those who already supported and those that will support in the future. Click the link in my bio to listen and share with your friends ❤️ Special shoutout to TEAM ARIA!!! There’s no way I could’ve done this without you @ceo.kyle @sammyapproved and Mommy….Thank you for everything!! Time for the album 😎.”

Am I Next? by Aria Brooks
Photo Credits: Am I Next? Music Video

“Am I Next?” is produced by Devin “Dev.b” Barkley. Dillon Lawter served as engineer. Watch the influential music video for the stupendous song below and be sure to share it around to all of your friends and family-members. ARIA is such a magnificently gifted and admirable, young lady who truly is blazing the trail.


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