Article: Saddle Up! Actress Mackenzie Foy And Director Ashley Avis Celebrate The Premiere Of Their Disney+ Film “Black Beauty” At A Stunning, Socially-Distanced Event In Topanga – Recap Here!

Black Beauty - Mackenzie Foy and Ghost
Photo Credits: Disney / Richard Harbaugh

It’s time to saddle up and get ready for the premiere of the incredibly touching, heartfelt and magnificent Disney+ movie, Black Beauty, releasing this Friday, November 27th on the streaming platform. The beautiful film, which is a reimagining of Anna Sewell’s classic novel, is directed by the great Ashley Avis and stars the immensely talented Mackenzie Foy. The extraordinary flick tells the heartwarming and inspiring story of a bond between a teenage girl and a stunning, wild horse and their many adventures and challenges shared with one another. This marvelous movie is a perfect film for families to watch together, especially this Thanksgiving weekend, and emphasizes the important message of love and friendship.

The film follows Black Beauty, an awe-inspiring mustang born free in the American West. However, Beauty soon finds herself rounded up and separated from her family, sent to a dusty corral. There’s a sign of hope for Beauty when horse whisperer John Manly comes along to adopt her. Shortly after, Manly receives a visitor… his niece, Jo Green, who moves in with him after her parents’ recent passing. Both Beauty and Jo find an instant connection amongst each other. They both suddenly lost their family and both have a strong-willed spirit, that although may be tested, can’t ever be broken. Throughout their time together, Beauty and Jo learn invaluable life lessons from each other and they are able to endure love, loss and heartbreak because they have one another. They found a family (and a home) with each other.

Black Beauty Key Art
Photo Credits: Disney+ “Black Beauty”

Black Beauty has been readapted quite a few times, but nothing like the way it was magically done in the Disney+ rendition. The way that this film has captured the timeless elements of the admired Anna Sewell novel yet added a modern twist to the outstanding story is superb. Black Beauty is emotional, tear-jerking and a true masterpiece. The cinematography is breathtaking. The script is impactful and there are a countless amount of quotes from the movie that will completely touch your heart and soul. Mackenzie Foy was the perfect choice to lead this film and she brought her unrivaled talent to this powerful movie.

With the much-anticipated premiere of Black Beauty right around the corner, Disney+ hosted a special event on Friday, November 20, 2020 at Fair Hills Farms in Topanga, California in celebration of the film’s release. The stellar, socially-distanced event captured the charm and bewitching splendor of the film.

Overlooking the picturesque view of Fair Hills Farms, lead star Mackenzie Foy and director Ashley Avis took part in a marvelous Q&A at the event and talked about their favorite parts of the movie.

Black Beauty - Mackenzie Foy and Ashley Avis
Photo Credits: Disney / Richard Harbaugh

Viewers will have an even deeper appreciation for the film finding out that Foy performed her own stunts in the movie. Talking about a special scene in the movie where she takes her hands off the reins during the sunset, Foy described the unforgettable experience by saying, “It was just one of the coolest things, to have that emotion flooding into you.”

Working on Black Beauty was a memorable experience for Foy who talked about the instantaneous connection she had with each of the horses who portrayed Beauty in the film. At the Q&A, Foy talked about several moments that stuck out to her the most while working on the spectacular film, including when she rode bareback and the way she adapted to riding horses with little prior experience.

Following the wonderful Q&A, attendees at the event were treated to a sensational Liberty horse training with acclaimed horse trainer, Damian Pichardo. Pichardo showcased the humane training with subtle, trustworthy communication that was used during production of the film.

Black Beauty - Damian Pichardo
Photo Credits: Disney / Richard Harbaugh

At the event, Foy even snapped an exceptional photo with director Ashley Avis’ own horse, Ghost.

The celebratory event was truly stupendous and brought the great excitement from reel to real life. Check out some more photos below from the fantastic event and be sure to watch Black Beauty out on Disney+ on November 27th.

You can watch the official trailer of the phenomenal film below!


Photo Credits: Disney / Richard Harbaugh


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