VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Netflix’s “A Week Away” Stars Jahbril Cook And Kat Conner Sterling Talk About The Film’s Awesome Soundtrack And The Biggest Takeaway They’d Like Viewers To Get From The Film – “A Week Away” Is Out Now On Netflix!

A Week Away Movie Jahbril Cook Kat Conner Sterling
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The best thing ever has just released on Netflix and we seriously cannot contain our excitement! Let’s go make a memory and watch Netflix’s masterpiece of a film, A Week Away, a movie that will truly sweep you off your feet and leave you completely awe-inspired with every scene. With an uplifting and impactful storyline, an incredible, dream team of a cast and one of the most remarkable soundtracks that can’t be beat, this exceptional, faith-based film is one that will forever leave a marvelous, lasting impression on you.

A Week Away follows “troubled teen Will Hawkins (Kevin Quinn) who has a run-in with the law that puts him at an important crossroad: go to juvenile detention or attend a Christian summer camp. At first a fish-out-of-water, Will opens his heart, discovers love with a camp regular, Avery (Bailee Madison), and a sense of belonging in the last place he expected to find it” (source: press release). This extraordinary movie shows how one week really can change everything.

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The film stars the aforementioned Quinn and Madison, Jahbril Cook, Kat Conner Sterling, Iain Tucker, David Koechner and Sherri Shepherd.

Especially during the trying times we all are experiencing now with the pandemic, A Week Away is exactly the kind of film we all need. It brings hope and light in a time when that is so needed. It brings joy and lighthearted fun, great laughs and tons of touching moments. It’s a truly stupendous movie with a countless amount of wonderful moral lessons emphasizing how we all have a place in this world, we all are worthy and good enough and we all are walking through this journey we call “life” together, discovering step by step more about who we are.

A Week Away Movie Cast
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Aside from the many brilliant takeaways from the movie, one of the many things viewers won’t be able to get enough of is all of the sensational songs and terrific dance numbers in the film. With music created by the excellent Adam Watts and choreography by Melena Rounis, A Week Away is the perfect film to have the ultimate sing-a-long to with your family or have an enjoyable Zoom dance party with your friends. All of the songs are beyond catchy and will certainly be stuck in your head the entire day. Needless to say, there is a fantastic A Week Away song that fits every moment – whether you need some extra encouragement or if you’re crushing hard on someone!

The cast, director Roman White, and the crew truly created something special with this film. Jahbril Cook and Kat Conner Sterling both give standout and show-stopping performances in the film. Cook, who plays George in the movie, is the best-friend everyone wishes they can have. He gives the best pep-talks to Will, his lines in the movie are so funny and will put a big smile on your face, and his loyalty is truly unparalleled. (Not to forget, George does a pretty awesome Yoda impression!) Cook brought his amazing character to life in such an unforgettable way. Sterling portrays the fun-loving role of Presley. She’s an absolutely wonderful friend to Avery and her bubbly and vivacious persona is infectious. Sterling’s marvelous acting skills shines in this fabulous film. It goes without saying, everyone yearns for a George & Will / Presley & Avery kind of friendship. (Oh, and we all can’t help but #ship George and Presley — can we please make a cute shipping name for them ASAP?!)

A Week Away Movie
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From epic paintball matches to tons of heartwarming moments, A Week Away is a film that will always remain near and dear to your heart and is a fantastic movie for people of all ages to enjoy.

Alexisjoyvipaccess had a phenomenal time interviewing A Week Away stars Jahbril Cook and Kat Conner Sterling all about a moment that sticks out to them the most from working on the movie, what their favorite song is from the film’s outstanding soundtrack, which warrior game they would like to take part in and who they would like to challenge and so much more only in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview. Sterling and Cook even took on a “5 Minutes of Fame”-inspired speed round from the movie and revealed what their all-time favorite snack is – hear what they had to say in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview below.

Check out my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview with Kat Conner Sterling and Jahbril Cook below and be sure to watch Netflix’s A Week Away out now on the streaming platform. You can also listen to the full 13 track soundtrack album, featuring songs like “Best Thing Ever,” “Let’s Go Make a Memory” and more available now on all digital streaming providers!

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