VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Kendra Wilkinson, Vanessa Simmons And More Attend Luxury Skincare Brand Evereden’s Launch Of Groundbreaking, New Kids Skincare Line — See Pics From The Fun-Filled Event Here!

Evereden Kids Skincare Line Launch
Photo Credits: Jennifer Johnson Photography (@JenJphoto on social media)

We all know how incredibly important it is to take good care of our skin. We prioritize on having healthy skincare routines as part of our self-care, we do intensive research to find the best products that fit our skincare needs, and aside from the products we use, we also implement proper habits like making sure to get the right amount of sleep and always removing makeup after a long day. Taking care of your skin should be a non-negotiable, which is why it’s essential to get young kids in the habit early of instilling the best skincare practices.

But, have you ever noticed that although there may be an abundance of skincare products targeting a variety of skincare needs for adults, teenagers and even infants, there’s a big gap in products for kids around the ages of four through 10. There’s pretty much been a complete void in proper skincare products for kids. They can’t use the same products that adults use as those products may be too harsh for their skin and yet they also have advanced from using products that are designed for babies. In comes luxury skincare brand, Evereden, with the greatest solution: the launch of their groundbreaking, new kids skincare line.

Evereden Kids Face Cream
Photo Credits: Jennifer Johnson Photography (@JenJphoto on social media)

Moms, your skincare wishes have been answered. Renowned brand, Evereden recently released five, brilliant and revolutionary products that are perfect to help structure the best skincare routine for your children — and yes, they sure will be thanking you for it! Evereden’s kids skincare line includes a multi-vitamin foaming face wash, face cream, foaming body wash, body lotion, and shampoo / conditioner. The products come in three, different fragrances – cool peach, fresh pomelo, and melon juice. Gone are the days where moms will have a hard time getting their kids to jump in the shower or wash their face after a full day of play because kids will actually be excited to get started with their skincare routine with these aromatic scents. On top of the terrific fragrances, these products are also enriched with Evereden’s MegaVitamin ComplexTM, which includes amino acids, omegas, vitamins, and pre/probiotics that provide essential nutrients to keep kids’ skin and hair strong and healthy.

Evereden’s kids skincare products are truly game-changing and are in line with the company’s mission to protect families’ skin today for the healthiest tomorrow. The skin is the body’s largest organ, which is why the greatest step towards providing a better future for your kids is laying a foundation for them with an excellent skincare routine. It’s never too early to start!

Evereden Kids Body Wash Face Cream
Photo Credits: Jennifer Johnson Photography (@JenJphoto on social media)

Innovative skincare brand, Evereden celebrated the launch of its kids skincare line with a very special event on April 24, 2021 in Culver City, California. Celebrity moms including Kendra Wilkinson and Vanessa Simmons had a wonderful time attending the event and showing their support towards the fabulous skincare products. Wilkinson attended the event with her kids Alijah Mary Baskett and Hank Baskett IV. Simmons had a great time at the event with her daughter, Ava Marie Jean Wayans and their absolutely adorable dog also joined in on the excitement.

Kendra Wilkinson Evereden Launch
Photo Credits: Jennifer Johnson Photography (@JenJphoto on social media)


Vanessa Simmons Evereden Launch
Photo Credits: Jennifer Johnson Photography (@JenJphoto on social media)

The magnificent event had a lot of exceptional activities for attendees and their families to enjoy. Some of the fun in the sun that took place included scent readings and oh, so cute Evereden-inspired temporary tattoos for kids, breathtakingly beautiful, custom flower bouquets from Pretty Lil Things LB, bracelet-making, coloring and an ice-cream truck for kids (and moms!) to indulge in some delicious treats to keep cool from the Los Angeles heat. It truly was a splendid day!

Alexisjoyvipaccess had a marvelous time attending Evereden’s outstanding launch of their cutting-edge kids skincare line. These remarkable products match the vibrant and vivacious energy and perpetual liveliness of kids that makes us all desire to be forever young. This Mother’s Day, what better gift to give moms than the peace of mind knowing their children’s skin is being taken care of the right way with Evereden’s awesome products?! Healthy skin for your kids is the gift that keeps on giving!


Check out some more photos below from Evereden’s sensational kids skincare line launch and get all of your kids’ skincare essentials here!

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Photo Credits: Jennifer Johnson Photography (@JenJphoto on social media) 


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