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Imagine a world where cars no longer work, electricity is completely wiped out and individuals can barely get a minute of shut-eye. That is, except for one. In Netflix’s hair-raising and incredibly gripping, new film, Awake, panic, disorientation and hallucinations ensue after a disaster-stricken society yearns to find the root of their inability to sleep and find a cure before it’s too late. Starring none other than profound and consummate actress Gina Rodriguez, the stellar film has a countless amount of spine-chilling moments that will definitely keep you awake at night and at the edge of your seat the entire time.

The compelling, action-packed film, directed by Mark Raso, follows a single-mom named Jill (portrayed by Rodriguez). What was supposed to be a normal day with Jill picking up her kids from their grandmother’s house, took an unimaginable turn when suddenly, her car stops working, vehicles start crashing into one another and the power shuts down all over. As night falls, individuals find something quite odd happening – they can’t seem to sleep. By morning, the town gathers together to seek answers for their unexplained insomnia and they single out Jill’s young daughter, Matilda (played by Ariana Greenblatt), who has the shocking ability to sleep. As everyone becomes increasingly desperate to find a way to restore life back to normal, they turn to drastic ideas and will stop at nothing with hopes to find a cure. It’s now up to Jill to do everything in her power to keep her daughter and son Noah (portrayed by Lucius Hoyos) safe while also coming to terms with the fact that her daughter may be the key to saving humankind.

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Photo Credits: Peter H. Stranks / Netflix

Awake is one of those films that is so exceptionally executed that it will leave you speechless. Rodriguez does such an awe-inspiring job in the film showing the great efforts a mother would take to keep her children away from harm and how a mother’s love can truly move mountains. Every scene of Greenblatt’s character Matilda will move you to tears seeing just how much this young girl can endure and her strength to continue to push through. Hoyos’ character Noah is one that will instantly become a fan-favorite as he takes on great responsibilities and does all that he can to be his mother’s right-hand man. When you think of a dream team for a cast, the family created in Netflix’s Awake is a perfect example of that.

The movie also stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, Frances Fisher, Shamier Anderson, Finn Jones, Gil Bellows and Barry Pepper.

This sci-fi thriller movie is one that will appeal to everyone. It’s packed with tons of adrenaline-filled and mind-bending moments that will make jaws drop. In addition to all of the scenes that will have viewers completely stunned and make your heart race, the film also has many powerful messages weaved throughout the story. Themes of motherhood and second chances are embedded within the movie. The film also has many thought-provoking elements such as what would happen to a society, like ours, that is so reliant on electricity, phones and social media, if suddenly it all goes away; or, the impact that kids, teens and the new generations have on our world and them being the ones who can save humanity. Awake is not just an intriguing film that will have viewers engrossed from start to finish, it’s one that will make you question a lot of things about the world we live in today.

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Photo Credits: Peter H. Stranks / Netflix

Netflix’s Awake will certainly leave a lasting impression on all viewers and it truly is an unforgettable cinematic experience. With the phenomenal talents of Gina Rodriguez, Ariana Greenblatt, Lucius Hoyos and the extraordinary cast and the outstanding directorial work of Mark Raso, fans all over the world will agree that we’d love to see the team build an Awake franchise and continue to expand upon this mind-blowing story.

Alexisjoyvipaccess had the honor of interviewing the prolific Gina Rodriguez all about her work in Netflix’s Awake. Rodriguez talked about a moment that sticks out to her the most from working on the film, the bond between her character Jill and her on-screen daughter and what is the best advice she has received from her own mom, what it was like for her bringing out the message of second chances in the movie and so much more only in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview. Rodriguez even took on a fun speed round and revealed whether she’s a night owl or an early bird, what is something she does to help her unwind before bed, what’s an app she can’t live without and more – hear what she had to say in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview below.

Check out my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview with the gifted and remarkable Gina Rodriguez below and be sure to catch her breathtaking work in Netflix’s Awake streaming now!

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