VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Live Long And Prosper – Jerry O’Connell, Tawny Newsome, Eugene Cordero, Noël Wells, Mike McMahan And More Celebrate At The Season Two Premiere Of Paramount+’s “Star Trek: Lower Decks” – RECAP Here!

Eugene Cordero, Noel Wells, Dawnn Lewis, Mike McMahan, Tawny Newsome and Jerry O'Connell at the second season premiere of Star Trek: Lower Decks
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Live Long and Prosper 🖖 The year is 2380 and it’s time to board the U.S.S. Cerritos and join Beckett Mariner, Brad Boimler, D’Vana Tendi and Sam Rutherford as their next exciting mission is making their way on over to our screens with the season two premiere of Star Trek: Lower Decks on Paramount+ on August 12th. Grab your street corn and prepare for a whole lot of laughs as this all new season of Star Trek: Lower Decks is jam-packed with hilarious moments, action-packed adventures and a whole lot of fun with our favorite lower deckers.

New species. New enemies. Same old ship. Season one of Star Trek: Lower Decks instantly captured the hearts of fans, and this incredible, second season promises even more unparalleled excitement. From Beckett Mariner joining forces and working with her mom, Captain Freeman, to seeing more of Tendi and Rutherford’s relationship, season two is going to be one thrilling ride for all Star Trek fans.

D'Vana Tendi, Sam Rutherford and Beckett Mariner in season two of Star Trek: Lower Decks
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Created by the great Mike McMahan, season two of Star Trek: Lower Decks was produced entirely in the midst of the pandemic, with cast-members recording their parts in their own homes. It goes to show just how much love and passion the cast and creative team has for this magnificent project, making all of these wonderful, new episodes even bigger and better than anything we have seen thus far. Viewers will get to see tons of amazing easter eggs, the introduction of new characters, while also honoring the beloved characters from the Star Trek franchise we all have come to know and love, and getting to see the evolution and growth of each of the ensigns.

Star Trek: Lower Decks creator, the brilliant Mike McMahan was joined by stars of the show: Tawny Newsome, Jerry O’Connell, Noël Wells, Eugene Cordero, and Dawnn Lewis to celebrate the terrific, new season at the season two premiere party which took place on August 4, 2021 at the CBS Radford Lot in Los Angeles, California. The Star Trek: Lower Decks family were all so ecstatic to be at the event. O’Connell was ever so kind and took time to personally greet all attendees, welcome them with open arms and thank them for attending the event. Iconic voice actor, Tom Kenny (who voices the role of the legendary, fan-favorite, animated character, SpongeBob SquarePants), also joined in on the fun and attended the marvelous screening event. Kenny voices the role of Quimp in the series.

The cast of Star Trek: Lower Decks at the season two premiere party
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The tremendous amount of joy this exceptional series brings to viewers was reflected at the special screening with a phenomenal U.S.S. Cerritos “block party” for attendees to enjoy. Guests at the event were able to munch on mouth-watering burgers and fries, as well as scrumptious tacos from The Lime Truck, with delicious choices ranging from a sweet and spicy slug steak taco, a grilled paraka taco with yummy marinated chicken, a vegan Pok Tar taco with crispy potatoes, pico de gallo and chimichurri, and more. Attendees were also able to snack along with Mariner, Boimler, Tendi and Rutherford and have some delectable street corn as seen in the series. The merriment continued with an amusing crane game where guests had the chance to win a Star Trek: Lower Decks shirt, fantastic photo-opps and to quench guests’ thirst, there was even an awesome U.S.S. Cerritos cocktail bar.

Street tacos at the second season premiere of Star Trek: Lower Decks

Then, it was time to enter in the world of the Star Trek: Lower Decks crew-members as guests got comfy on lawn chairs with their branded Paramount+ blankets and relished in getting a sneak peek at the series with the first two episodes of the show. McMahan shared some special words before giving attendees a glimpse at this excellent, new season and showcased that his effortless humor isn’t only evident in his superb screenwriting, but translates equally as well in real life too.

Guests were roaring with laughter with every scene from the two premiere episodes. Star Trek: Lower Decks is truly an out of this world show. The humor is top-notch and whether you’re a die-hard Star Trek fan or just starting to immerse yourself into the universe, this stellar series is definitely worth binge-watching. After the spectacular screening and once guests finally recovered from having their stomachs hurt from laughing so hard, attendees got to end off the night in a perfect way with some cookies and milk on their way out.

Alexisjoyvipaccess had an outstanding time attending the season two premiere party of Star Trek: Lower Decks. The event was absolutely stupendous – it brought all of the thrill from the show to real life, while also prioritizing on following COVID-19 safety protocols. Mike McMahan and the sensational cast of Star Trek: Lower Decks exemplify what it’s like to be a dream team and a true force to be reckoned with. They have created something truly wondrous with Star Trek: Lower Decks.


Check out some more photos below of the cast-members having a blast at the second season premiere event for Star Trek: Lower Decks and be sure to get your binge-watch on with the all new season releasing on August 12th on Paramount+!

Photo Credits: @EugCordero, @TrondyNewman, and @MrJerryOc on Instagram

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