VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Devon Allman Talks About The Allman Family Revival Tour And A Lesson He’s Learnt From His Iconic Dad, Gregg Allman In His Interview With AlexisJoyVIPAccess!

Musician Devon Allman performing on stage
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Music is a truly magical thing that brings us all together, and that’s exactly what it has been doing for the past five years with the mesmerizing, musical jubilation that is The Allman Family Revival. Honoring the unmatched legacy of music icon, Gregg Allman, The Allman Family Revival first made its way to the stage on December 8, 2017 as a tribute to what would have been Gregg Allman’s 70th birthday and commemorating his extraordinary music. The event brought together the best of the best in music – artists who have had some sort of beautiful connection with Allman himself. Now, five years later, the night of harmonious melodies has turned into a full-fledged tour, bringing great, musical memories to fans from coast to coast.

This spectacular celebration of life originated from music virtuoso himself, Devon Allman, who has worked tirelessly to find a way to share this rock ‘n roll extravaganza with fans and honor his father Gregg Allman’s impact in the music world. It’s clear to see that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Devon Allman is a gifted and phenomenal musician who blesses our ears with his own tuneful music through his group, The Allman Betts Band.

The Allman Family Revival is more than just a music eruption on stage. In fact, there’s a lot of effort that goes on behind the scenes to make this event as unforgettable as it continues to be every year. Devon Allman works tirelessly to not only serve as a terrific performer and host at the event, but he also collaborates with each of the performers to curate individual setlists that contribute to the overall grandeur of the event.

There’s a special feeling in the air when The Allman Family Revival comes rolling in. To see pure unity, the utmost of talent, and the greatest passion for music all together on one stage brings about the most euphoric feeling. There are certain moments in your life that you’ll just simply never forget, and to experience the one-of-a-kind Allman Family Revival tour is truly a memory you’ll want to relive over and over again. Needless to say, Gregg Allman is looking down on his son, smiling so big, and saying, “Devon, you did it. You truly did it, and I’m so very proud of you.” 

AlexisJoyVIPAccess had an exceptional time interviewing the musically-inclined Devon Allman all about what it’s like for him to be back on the road bringing The Allman Family Revival splendor to fans across the nation, what is something he has learnt as a musician from his iconic father, what is something he hopes his son would take away from music, and so much more only in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview. Allman even spilled on how he has prepared for the tour – see what he had to say in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview below. 

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AlexisJoyVIPAccess: The much-anticipated Allman Family Revival has officially made its way on the road. What is it like for you having this wonderful, music celebration heading out from coast to coast? 

Devon Allman: It’s such a great feeling getting all of these talented musicians together to celebrate dad’s music. What started as a jam to heal from his passing, has turned into an annual event – never thought that would have happened and here we are in year five and it keeps growing. It’s become a reunion for us and our friends. So excited for this year as it’s the first real tour we’ve done for the Revival format.

AlexisJoyVIPAccess: The Allman Family Revival kicked off as a tribute to your legendary father, Gregg Allman. If your dad could see the great impact this celebration has and continues to make, what do you think he would say to you? 

Devon Allman: I know he’s tickled pink seeing all the jamming that’s going on in his honor. He just loved to play music – lived and breathed it – and I think he’d say, “Good job of keeping it going, son.” 


AlexisJoyVIPAccess: As a stupendous musician yourself, what is something that you’ve learnt from your dad that has stuck out to you the most throughout your career? 

Devon Allman: Thank you kindly.. Hmm, I’d say that you just let the music ooze out of you. You don’t have to push too hard … just let it flow and let it unfold.

AlexisJoyVIPAccess: Take us a little bit behind the scenes of this epic, musical explosion. How are you preparing for this tour? Do you have any pre-show rituals? 

Devon Allman: There’s a lot of moving parts with this tour, a lot of special guests. Behind the scenes is truly maddening. You’d probably not wanna look under the hood of this beast haha. There’s the setlists for 19 nights. The logistics of taking the big production and all the musicians from town to town – the merchandise decisions, working with each individual artist. A lot goes into this for sure. It’s been a 9 to 5 job for a few months now. Thankfully, I have a great team of graphic artists, social media gurus, management, agent, etc. to help fulfill the vision of a traveling rock ‘n roll circus! 


AlexisJoyVIPAccess: Let’s talk about your setlist. What’s your favorite song to perform and why? 

Devon Allman: The setlist will change from night to night. I love doing “Dreams” by The Allman Brothers. It’s always been my favorite. It’s just haunting and I’m drawn to it.

AlexisJoyVIPAccess: The Allman Family Revival is in its fifth year – five years of touching the lives of so many through an unrivaled, musical experience. If you could describe the feeling you get performing live during The Allman Family Revival in just one word, what word would it be? 

Devon Allman: Togetherness


AlexisJoyVIPAccess: Music clearly makes such a difference in many people’s lives. If there’s one thing about music you’d like your son to take away, what would that be?

Devon Allman: Make every note count.

AlexisJoyVIPAccess: Lastly, if you could bring out one message to all of your fans, what message would that be? 

Devon Allman: A message of gratitude. We can’t go make all this music if it weren’t for them.

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