VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Twitch And Thrash Make Their Way To Earth In Nickelodeon And Paramount+’s “Transformers: Earthspark” – See Photos From The Los Angeles Premiere Event Here!

The cast of "Transformers: Earthspark" at the Los Angeles special screening event
Photo Credits: Anna Webber / Getty Images for Paramount+

Autobots… roll out! The iconic Transformers franchise is always growing and developing new stories within its action-packed atmosphere. Now, fans will get to meet two new Transformers robots who are quite unique from the other bots we’ve seen before – they are the first Transformers born on Earth. In Nickelodeon and Paramount+‘s magnificent, new, animated series, Transformers: Earthspark, we’re introduced to Twitch and Thrash and all of their exciting adventures with their new family, the Maltos. The outstanding series has an abundance of fun, a countless amount of laughs, and it emphasizes that we are all more than meets the eye.

In the first episode of Transformers: Earthspark, we step inside Robby Malto’s world as he adjusts to his new life after moving with his family to the rural town of Witwicky. Excitement ensues when Robby and his sister, Mo discover a new generation of Transformers called Terrans. As Robby, Mo, and their parents welcome Twitch and Thrash into their lives, they must navigate how to overcome any obstacles that may come their way and realize that family really is what you make it. Whether it’s fighting off enemies or learning how to be the best Transformer they could be, one thing is for sure, “with all of them together, those monsters don’t stand a chance.”

It was a beautiful and sunny day on Saturday, Nov. 5 as the cast of Transformers: Earthspark gathered together for an exclusive Los Angeles special screening of the series hosted at the Sherry Lansing Theater at the Paramount Lot. The all-star, extraordinary cast comprising of Danny Pudi (Bumblebee), Cissy Jones (Elita-1), Sydney Mikayla (Robby Malto), Zion Broadnax (Mo Malto), Kathreen Khavari (Twitch), Zeno Robinson (Thrash), Jon Jon Briones (Alex Malto), Benni Latham (Dot Malto), Martha Marion (Arcee), Michael T Downey (Wheeljack), Nicole Dubuc (Skywarp), and Sean Kenin Reyes (Soundwave) had an exceptional time at the event celebrating all of their hard work in the spectacular series. This cast truly makes a dream team!

Danny Pudi, Zion Broadnax, Zeno Robinson, Sydney Mikayla and Kathreen Khavari attend the premiere of Nickelodeon and Paramount+'s "Transformers: Earthspark"
Photo Credits: Anna Webber / Getty Images for Paramount+

Attendees at the event enjoyed a pre-reception filled with Transformers-inspired activities. Guests got to fully immerse themselves into the Transformers world with a fun face-painting station, airbrush tattoos, an area to make terrific auto-bot headbands, and pose with a life-sized Optimus Prime. Afterwards, attendees made their way inside the theater to see the first two episodes of the exhilarating show.

Transformers: Earthspark truly is a masterpiece of a show! It has a diverse and incredibly talented cast that honors representation both in the show and in real life. It has an amazing and heartfelt story. And, it has an endless amount of wonderful takeaways focusing on the themes of family, togetherness, and embracing what makes you unique. Transformers: Earthspark is a wondrous show that kids and families will make fantastic memories watching together.

Check out some more photos from the Los Angeles special screening event of Transformers: Earthspark below! The bots are back – watch Transformers: Earthspark streaming now on Paramount+.

Photo Credits: Anna Webber / Getty Images for Paramount+


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