Article: The Thundermans Are Back! Get A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Highly-Anticipated, Live-Action Film “The Thundermans Return” Here!

The cast of "The Thundermans Return" on set of the film
Photo Credits: @KiraKosarin on Instagram

Grab your superhero cape because Nickelodeon is bringing us all back to Hiddenville! The Thunderman family is ready for some new adventures in the highly-anticipated, live-action film, The Thundermans Return. Needless to say, when Nickelodeon announced back in March that it was bringing our favorite superhero family back to our screens, we all couldn’t contain our excitement.

The immensely talented, original cast-members of the show have suited up and are reprising their beloved roles in the upcoming film. Kira Kosarin will return as “Phoebe,” Jack Griffo as “Max,” Addison Riecke as “Nora,” Diego Velazquez as “Billy,” Maya Le Clark as “Chloe,” Chris Tallman as “Hank” and Rosa Blasi as “Barb.”

“In the movie, twins Phoebe and Max are enjoying their superhero lifestyle, but when one ‘save’ goes awry, the Thundermans are sent back to Hiddenville. While Hank and Barb enjoy their return, and Billy and Nora look forward to a normal high school life, Max and Phoebe are determined to regain their superhero status. The movie will feature the return of show favorites, new villains and familiar locations” (source: press release).

The action-packed film began production in April. Although there are no details just yet on when the film will be released, the cast have shared some amazing, behind-the-scenes posts working on set of the movie to hold us over until the exciting film release.

Let’s take a look at the cast’s fun time on set of the movie.

The fabulous Kira Kosarin is not just a talented actress and singer, but she can now also add “Executive Producer” to her incredibly impressive resume. She shared the post below on her Instagram account and wrote, “Kira Kosarin, Executive Producer has a nice ring to it… see u back in Hiddenville 💙⚡️ #ThundermansReturn #HoneyWheresMySupersuit.”

The outstanding Jack Griffo shared the wonderful photo below of the Thunderman fam reunited. Don’t mind us, we’re just over here sobbing seeing how much they’ve grown and having our dream come true of this spectacular superhero family back together again.

Griffo also shared the fantastic photo below of him and his TV sis Kira Kosarin back in their superhero suits.

Remember the youngest member of the Thunder-fam… Chloe?! This is her now! We watched Maya Le Clark grow up throughout the many magnificent seasons of The Thundermans, and we can’t wait for this whole new era of Chloe in The Thundermans Return. Le Clark shared the terrific Instagram Reel below giving her fans an inside look on set of the film.

It’s not easy being a super-mom! Rosa Blasi shared the excellent Instagram Reel below and captioned it, “Proof that it legit takes a village! Many thanks to @swajih. Less thanks to @mayaleclark 😂.”

And, of course, we have a whole lot of people to thank for making The Thundermans Return a reality… and they’re all in one video! Chris Tallman shared the exceptional video below on his Instagram account and wrote, “All these people made The Thundermans! #TheThundermansReturn @kirakosarin @jackgriffo @addisonriecke @diegovelazquezj @mayaleclark @therosablasi @nickelodeon @paramountplus.”

We seriously can’t wait for The Thundermans Return to make its way to our screens and you can count on us watching it over and over again! Stay tuned here at for more updates regarding the movie. Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what are you looking forward to seeing the most in The Thundermans Return?!

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