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Article: Martin Garrix And Julian Jordan Mesmerize Fans During Their Mexico Tour! (@MartinGarrix @JulianJordan)

30 Nov


It’s a new city each day for these two legendary DJs. Prolific DJ, Martin Garrix recently embarked on his Mexico Tour with the incredible Julian Jordan. Guadelajara, Monterrey, and Mexico City – each city was left absolutely speechless after an indescribable and absolutely brilliant performance from Martin Garrix and Julian Jordan. Two immensely talented and accomplished DJs giving fans a night to remember? Let’s just say each night was destined to be an unforgettable one when Martin Garrix and Julian Jordan are performing in town.

The sensational Julian Jordan shared the excellent photo above through his Twitter account and wrote, “THANK YOU MEXICO! Going home! And a big shout out to @MartinGarrix & @matisseandsadko”.

The magnificent Martin Garrix wrote along with a photo shared through his Twitter account, “Thank you Mexico City! Couldn’t wish for a better closing of the tour <3 #MGMexicotour”.

There are no words to truly describe how exceptional Martin Garrix and Julian Jordan truly are. Their performances are some of the most phenomenal performances you will ever find yourself to be at and they truly do change a person’s perspective and EDM lifestyle as a whole. A big congratulations to Martin Garrix and Julian Jordan on a stellar Mexico tour!

Check out more photos of the extraordinary Martin Garrix and Julian Jordan taking over the stages in Mexico below! (Photos shared via Martin Garrix’s Twitter: @MartinGarrix and Julian Jordan’s Twitter: @JulianJordan)

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Article: Julian Jordan Releases Invigorating, New Track “Angels X Demons”! Take A Listen Here! (@JulianJordan)

23 Nov


EDM legend – Julian Jordan is known for creating some of the most sensational, remarkable and stupendous dance tracks; and he just released a new, earth-shattering, massive track on November 21, 2014 titled “Angels X Demons”. “Angels X Demons” is composed of impressive chord progressions which continues to bring a sense of exhilaration amongst listeners. There are many exceptional EDM tracks but profound music producer Julian Jordan has a unique talent which makes his music stand out and instantly grab the number one spot on the EDM charts. Julian Jordan continues to leave old fans wanting more and news fans thrilled that they have found an individual who has changed their EDM life – Mr. Julian Jordan.

The incredible Julian Jordan tweeted, “So much <3 for everyone supporting make sure to get your copy  “.

Be sure to buy Julian Jordan’s invigorating track “Angels X Demons” on Beatport here: and share this phenomenal song to all your friends and family! Also, check out the official music video to “Angels X Demons” below! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what do YOU think of “Angels X Demons”?

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Article: Profound DJ Julian Jordan Releases His Phenomenal Track “Slenderman” On Beatport!

18 Jul


July 18th has been the day Julian Jordan fans all across the globe have been waiting for – the day profound DJ Julian Jordan’s highly-anticipated track “Slenderman” is officially released on Beatport. As usual, EDM genius Julian Jordan has created another track that is so outstanding, so mesmerizing that words are not sufficient enough to describe. The incredible Julian Jordan is known for his spectacular tracks and “Slenderman” has continued to prove Julian Jordan as one DJ / music producer whose talent is just above and beyond. Julian Jordan’s immense talent is truly indescribable.

“Slenderman” is another track that has the power to move all those who listen to it. The track’s electrifying melodies and great beats make it so wonderful to listen to. “Slenderman” is an energy booster making everyone and anyone get up on their feet and dance along to this remarkable track. Another job well done to the excellent Julian Jordan!

The prolific DJ Julian Jordan tweeted, “Love all the great reactions on my new track slenderman! Make sure to get it here: “.

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Article: DJ Sensation Julian Jordan Shares A Preview Of His Terrific, New Track “Slenderman”! (@JulianJordan)

10 Jul


Photo Credits: Julian Jordan Soundcloud

… And the countdown begins! Julian Jordan fans worldwide have been at the edge of their seats for the release of DJ sensation: Julian Jordan’s latest track “Slenderman”. The spectacular Julian Jordan had fans even more excited for the release of the track as he gave fans a special treat – a preview to “Slenderman” on his Soundcloud! With unbelievable and awe-inspiring tracks such as “Up In This!”, “Aztec” and “Kangaroo”; Julian Jordan is known for his remarkable and unique tracks. Without a doubt, “Slenderman” will be another chart-topper!

Already, the preview of “Slenderman” has received high praises and so much support from fans. The prolific and outstanding Julian Jordan tweeted, “I’m so hyped about this one “. “Slenderman” has its highly-anticipated release on July 18th – so make sure you mark down your calendars as it is a day you do not want to miss!

Check out a preview to the phenomenal Julian Jordan’s track “Slenderman” at this link: . As usual, Julian Jordan continues to leave fans speechless with his excellent projects! Be sure to share the preview of “Slenderman” around to all your friends and family!

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Article: The Exceptional Julian Jordan Performs A Terrific Set At The Marquee In Las Vegas! (@JulianJordan @SXMElectro)

20 Jun


Photo Credits: SiriusXM Electro’s Twitter (@SXMElectro)

It’s EDC weekend in Las Vegas and what better way to kick off this exciting and musical weekend than by a performance from the one and only, Julian Jordan?! Highly-acclaimed DJs Julian Jordan, Sander Van Doorn and Firebeatz wowed the crowd and added more heat to the Las Vegas weather with their spectacular performances at the Marquee at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. Julian Jordan performed an extraordinary set that had people from Las Vegas and beyond absolutely mesmerized. Fans were left speechless with yet again another brilliant and captivating performance. Julian Jordan’s performance left fans with a euphoric feeling!

Julian Jordan tweeted along with a photo he shared through his Twitter account, “Good times @MarqueeLV @SandervanDoorn pool party! Had a blast!”

Check out more excellent photos shared by the SiriusXM Electro Twitter of the incredible and sensational: Julian Jordan performing at the Marquee in Las Vegas! Congrats on another awe-inspiring and breathtaking performance, Julian!

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VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: DJ Phenomenon Julian Jordan Exclusive Interview With Alexisjoyvipaccess In NYC!

14 Jun


“Up In This!”, “Kangaroo”, “Aztec” and “BFAM” are some of the many sensational EDM tracks that are taking over the music charts; and they are also unforgettable and awe-inspiring tracks created by the one and only DJ phenomenon himself: Julian Jordan! Ever since the beginning, worldwide DJ sensation Julian Jordan exhibited a unique and brilliant aspect about himself that truly makes him one of a kind – he can create some of the best EDM tracks that have ever surfaced the planet! Performing all over the world from the USA to Canada, Europe, India, the Philippines and more – Julian Jordan has showed the world his impeccable talent. The remarkable Julian Jordan continues to live out his dream, producing his spectacular music that leaves people in a trance with how incredible, fascinating and captivating his music truly is. If Julian Jordan’s music could be described in one word, it would be… “a masterpiece”. In addition to being adored by fans all over the world, Julian Jordan has even been recognized as MTV’s “Artist To Watch” in 2013. Julian Jordan is one prolific, down-to-earth, creative, EDM genius and his talent is absolutely indescribable. Julian Jordan is bound to be the next household name!

I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had the absolute honor of interviewing the exceptional DJ / music producer: Julian Jordan in NYC! Julian Jordan dishes exclusively to Alexisjoyvipaccess all about the creative process that went into making his mesmerizing track “Up In This!”, what his favorite part about being a DJ is and what he thinks is the hardest part about being a DJ, his reaction after being recognized as MTV’s “Artist To Watch” and more only in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview! What is another dream Julian Jordan hopes to fulfill throughout his music career? Find out the answer to that question and MORE in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview below! Thank you for the outstanding interview, Julian – it was a blast!

Check out my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview with the wonderful and charming Julian Jordan in NYC below!

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