Article: DJ Sensation Julian Jordan Shares A Preview Of His Terrific, New Track “Slenderman”! (@JulianJordan)


Photo Credits: Julian Jordan Soundcloud

… And the countdown begins! Julian Jordan fans worldwide have been at the edge of their seats for the release of DJ sensation: Julian Jordan’s latest track “Slenderman”. The spectacular Julian Jordan had fans even more excited for the release of the track as he gave fans a special treat – a preview to “Slenderman” on his Soundcloud! With unbelievable and awe-inspiring tracks such as “Up In This!”, “Aztec” and “Kangaroo”; Julian Jordan is known for his remarkable and unique tracks. Without a doubt, “Slenderman” will be another chart-topper!

Already, the preview of “Slenderman” has received high praises and so much support from fans. The prolific and outstanding Julian Jordan tweeted, “I’m so hyped about this one¬† “. “Slenderman” has its highly-anticipated release on July 18th – so make sure you mark down your calendars as it is a day you do not want to miss!

Check out a preview to the phenomenal Julian Jordan’s track “Slenderman” at this link:¬† . As usual, Julian Jordan continues to leave fans speechless with his excellent projects! Be sure to share the preview of “Slenderman” around to all your friends and family!

Follow Julian Jordan on Twitter: @JulianJordan and check out my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview with the one and only – Julian Jordan in NYC below:

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