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Five years running and each and every year it seems as though the spectacular Vidcon event is getting better and better than the year before. This year, the renown Vidcon event has gathered together a whopping 18,000 (yes, 18000!) attendees. Vidcon brought together the world’s greatest and biggest Youtube stars, Viners and online-video makers and gave fans and viewers from across the nation and worldwide a chance to meet and get up close and personal with their favorite media mogul / Vidcon special guest.

Vidcon 2014 had attendees flying in from all across the country (… and world) excited to see all the thrilling activities Vidcon had planned out this year. On June 26-28, 2014, history was made with the legendary Vidcon event held at the Anaheim Convention Center. And to everyone who thought Vidcon 2013 was incredible all ready and couldn’t get better – they were in for a special treat this year at Vidcon. Vidcon was back – bigger and better occupying the whole second and third levels of the Anaheim Convention Center. Vidcon was created by the two geniuses and philanthropists: John and Hank Green.

The extraordinary Vidcon event had many outstanding events planned. Vidcon had many interesting and amazing community panels such as “Beauty Bloggers: Dealing With Hate”, “Growing Up A Youtuber” and “How To Vine” which encompassed thousands of attendees. For those who wanted to learn more about the world of online-video making, build their own content creation studios or promote their latest app – Vidcon had just the right industry panel! Informative industry panels such as “Running Your Own Studio” and “A Broader Responsibility?” helped educate and inspire those who attended.

Youtube fans – do YOU have a burning question you’ve always wanted to ask your favorite Youtube sensation? Well, Vidcon gave attendees that once in a lifetime chance! Only at Vidcon can you find the opportunity to have attended Q&A panels where you were able to ask special guests like Glozell, Joey Graceffa, Sam Pepper, Harrison Webb, Mazzi Maz and John and Hank Green their very own question. Vidcon gave fans the ultimate opportunity to meet their idols through signings and meet and greets.

Inside the Anaheim Convention Center was not the only place where the excitement was – Vidcon also had many incredible activities planned outside of the convention center – from a great, interactive AwesomenessTV booth to performances on the AwesomenessTV stage and even open mic events at the KIA mainstage. Vidcon had a terrific Expo Hall which had many excellent booths such as a Seventeen Magazine booth, the Thirst Project booth, the Pet Collective Booth and more. Each booth had its own unique way to draw in attendees and have some fun and interactive activity. Fullscreen also presented a movie night at Vidcon.

Many of the outstanding Vidcon special guests caused absolute pandemonium at Vidcon. Everywhere you would turn you would see excited fans just hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite star. Some of the many phenomenal special guests at Vidcon include: John and Hank Green, Finn and Jack Harries, Glozell, Shane Dawson, Jerome Jarre, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, Brittany Furlan, Teala Dunn, Lia Marie Johnson, Alli Simpson, Connor Franta, Tyler Oakley, Kian Lawley, Sam Pottorff, JC Caylen, Josh Levi, Alfie Deyes, Thatcher Joe, Zoella, Lohanthony, Sam Pepper, Harrison Webb, Mazzi Maz, Tyler Ward, Caspar Lee, The Fine Brothers, and the list is endless.

Vidcon had many terrific sponsors as well including Youtube, Friskies, AwesomenessTV, KIA, HLN, and more. Vidcon is one of a kind – an event like no other and an event that is incomparable. Vidcon is absolutely unbelievable and magnificent with the way it as managed over 18,000 people safely yet still incorporating an epic amount of fun into one’s day. I strongly suggest that everyone enjoys all the fun that Vidcon has to share at next year’s Vidcon 2015. Vidcon is a remarkable event for families, groups of friends, businesses, industry people or even just individuals to go to. Vidcon is the absolute best!

I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had the absolute honor of covering the highly-acclaimed Vidcon event. Check out some of the many VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE pictures I took at Vidcon! Also, check out and for more VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE coverage from Vidcon. It was also an honor meeting and interviewing many of the Vidcon special guests and talking with them about my site. A big thank you to Vidcon for having me cover their terrific event!

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