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The Ochoa Boyz Are “Kickin’ It” With Olivia Holt And Leo Howard 1/8/13!

8 Jan


Not only are some of your favorite celebrities like the Ochoa Boyz, Olivia Holt, Leo Howard and more so focused in the work they do on screen and on stage; but they are equally as focused on their work off screen and off stage… school-work! Today, January 8, 2013; the Ochoa Boyz- Ryan Ochoa, Rick Ochoa, Robert Ochoa and Raymond Ochoa were doing school-work with Kickin’ It stars Olivia Holt and Leo Howard.

Ryan Ochoa shared this great picture in this article through his Twitter account and wrote, “”Kickin It” in school with @robertochoa125 @RickOchoa21 @raymondochoa12 @olivia_holt and @iamLeoHoward!!

Awesome! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what is YOUR favorite subject in school?!

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