The Ochoa Boyz Are “Kickin’ It” With Olivia Holt And Leo Howard 1/8/13!


Not only are some of your favorite celebrities like the Ochoa Boyz, Olivia Holt, Leo Howard and more so focused in the work they do on screen and on stage; but they are equally as focused on their work off screen and off stage… school-work! Today, January 8, 2013; the Ochoa Boyz- Ryan Ochoa, Rick Ochoa, Robert Ochoa and Raymond Ochoa were doing school-work with Kickin’ It stars Olivia Holt and Leo Howard.

Ryan Ochoa shared this great picture in this article through his Twitter account and wrote, “”Kickin It” in school with @robertochoa125 @RickOchoa21 @raymondochoa12 @olivia_holt and @iamLeoHoward!!

Awesome! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what is YOUR favorite subject in school?!

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