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Article: Top Executives Jeffrey Katzenberg, Susan Wojcicki, And Ynon Kreiz Set To Appear At The Renown Vidcon 2014 Event!

12 Jun


This generation has truly defined itself as the “Youtube Generation”. Youtube and online-video making has flourished within these past few years – uniting common interests and people from all over the world! The countdown is almost coming to a close and the day fans, creators, and industry professionals have all been waiting for is soon approaching. The highly-acclaimed and renown Vidcon 2014 event is making its way to the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California on June 26 – 28, 2014. This being the fifth year of the phenomenal event, Vidcon 2014 has rounded up more than a whopping 18,000 attendees. Each year Vidcon continues to attract the attention of fans, creators and industry professionals worldwide. Vidcon 2014 is back and bigger than ever with special and incredibly thrilling events such as Q&As, signings, performances, outdoor concerts, an expo hall, and dance parties for fans along with panel sessions, roundtable discussions and networking occasions for creators and industry professionals.

Adding onto this year’s excitement, the prestigious and spectacular Vidcon 2014 will be having the one and only DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki, and Maker Studios CEO Ynon Kreiz to appear at the event.

According to the press release, “Entertainment industry titan and DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg will open VidCon 2014 with a candid and exclusive conversation about the entertainment business and the future of online video. Katzenberg will discuss his perspectives on the impact and importance of online video on the entertainment industry, as well as the recent acquisition by DreamWorks of AwesomenessTV. YouTube personality and VidCon co-creator Hank Green will moderate the conversation.

Newly appointed YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki will make her first VidCon appearance to give the Industry Day keynote. She will offer YouTube creators an exclusive look at new initiatives and products that will help them create better videos, expand and engage their audiences, and build their brands.

Also featured will be a conversation with Maker Studios CEO Ynon Kreiz about building the largest provider of online video content for Millennials and the future of branded content. Kreiz will discuss how Disney and Maker will work together moving forward. Variety Editor-In-Chief for digital Andrew Wallenstein will moderate the session.”

Vidcon 2014 industry panels are revitalizing the online video world and continues to emphasize the immense impact online video-making has on the entertainment industry. Furthermore, according to the press release, Vidcon 2014 panels will include “The future of online video and how the entertainment industry will be impacted by the ever-changing digital landscape.
• Diversity on YouTube and reaching different demographics with online videos.
• Working with multichannel networks.
• The development and marketing of branded content.
• Monetizing online content and revenue beyond advertising in the era of content creation and digital distribution.
• Working with the next generation of talent.
• Copyrights and online video.”

Vidcon has established itself as a distinguished and eminent event and June 26 – 28, 2014 will make online-video history. This three-day convention will be the talk of the world until next year’s magnificent Vidcon event. Vidcon is sponsored by YouTube, Kia, HLN, AwesomenessTV, Fullscreen, Friskies, Collective Digital Studio, Maker Studios, Endemol Beyond USA, Dolby, Best Buy, Canon, Samsung, HGTV, Defy Media and many others. Vidcon 2014 was created in 2010 by Hank and John Green.

For more information on Vidcon 2014, visit: http://www.vidcon.com

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Article: Tune In TONIGHT To The Premiere Of Cartoon Network’s “Steven Universe” Starring Zach Callison!

4 Nov


Gather your friends and pop your popcorn — tonight, November 4, 2013 marks the premiere of Cartoon Network’s highly-anticipated animated TV series, Steven Universe. Steven Universe focuses on the life of a boy named, “Steven”, the youngest brother of the Crystal Gems. The fun-loving and lively Steven is always out to join the Crystal Gems – Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl on their special adventures; but there’s just one thing… Steven still doesn’t have the best grasp on his powers yet. Steven is up to the challenge to balance a “normal” life between his world of magic. And even when Steven’s under-developed powers might interrupt and get in the way of his Gem missions; Steven always knows how to turn a frown upside down and look on the bright side of things!

“Steven” is voiced by the multi-talented and versatile actor, Zach Callison who also voices “Prince James” in Disney Junior’s Sofia The First, “King Tut” in Dreamworks’ Mr. Peabody & Sherman and Zach Callison has just voiced a role in Hayao Miyazaki’s English version of “The Wind Rises”.

Catch Zach Callison star as “Steven” in the premiere of Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe today, November 4, 2013 at 8:00 PM ET / PT!

Follow Zach Callison on Twitter: @ZachCallison

Information via Cartoon Network’s press release.

Photo Credit: DBATalent

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Article: Cartoon Network’s “Steven Universe” Starring Zach Callison To Premiere 11/4/13! (@ZachCallison @CartoonNetwork)

10 Oct


Photo Credit: Zach Callison’s Twitter: @ZachCallison

Mark your calendars and enter in the magical world of ‘Steven’ in Cartoon Network’s highly-anticipated, upcoming, animated show, Steven Universe. Cartoon Network has announced the premiere of its all new animated, comedy series – Steven Universe to premiere on November 4, 2013 at 8:00 PM ET/PT. According to Cartoon Network’s press release, “Steven Universe is about the misadventures of a boy named Steven, the ultimate “little brother” to a team of magical guardians of humanity — the Crystal Gems.”

There’s just one thing… Steven has quite the struggle between managing his “mortal” life with his magical powers. But that doesn’t get in Steven’s way from joining the Crystal Gems on their exciting adventures; and when things don’t turn out right for Steven — he still always has a positive look on it!

Cartoon Network stated in their press release, “Steven (voiced by Zach Callison) is an energetic, lovable, half-Gem boy who is still trying to figure out his powers to become the true hero he is destined to be”.

The multi-talented Zach Callison will be the voice of “Steven” in Steven Universe. Zach Callison has exhibited his talent in projects including Disney Junior’s Sofia The First where he voices “Prince James”. Zach Callison is also the voice of “King Tut” in the upcoming Dreamwork’s film “Mr. Peabody and Sherman”; and is currently working on a series alongside consummate actress, Kristin Chenoweth.

Stay connected with Zach Callison by following him on Twitter: @ZachCallison and be sure to tune into the premiere of Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe!

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Zendaya Shakes Things Up On Season 16 Of “Dancing With The Stars” (@Zendaya @iamValC)

26 Feb


The triple threat- Zendaya had a super thrilling surprise for her fans today, February 26, 2013 with the announcement that she will be apart of season 16 of the hit show, Dancing With The Stars. Zendaya shared this group picture of herself with this season’s Dancing With The Stars cast through her Instagram account and wrote, “DWTS!!! LETS DO THIS THANG!!!!”

Zendaya’s dance partner will be Valentin Chmerkovskiy who tweeted, “Excited to work with the immense talent that is @Zendaya .. It’s not about the characters or the script, it’s all about the story #dwts”. “Please support @Zendaya and I as we embark on a (hopefully) long journey. Lots of work, alot of excitement, and a whole lotta potential”.

Zendaya will be the youngest contestant ever to have joined Dancing With The Stars.

Wishing Zendaya and Valentin Chmerkovskiy the best of luck on their exciting journey during the Dancing With The Stars competition!! You can show your support to Zendaya and Valentin Chmerkovskiy by tuning in each week and voting!

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Article: Congrats To The Kickin’ It Cast On Picking Up A Third Season!

5 Nov


A big congratulations to the cast of the hit martial arts inspired Disney XD show, Kickin’ It on picking up a third season!! That means loads more laughs and karate choppin’ fun coming your way with some all new episodes coming up this third season!

The Kickin’ It cast which includes the very talented Leo Howard, Dylan Riley Snyder, Olivia Holt, Mateo Arias, Alex Christian Jones, and Jason Earles will be filming for their third season in January!

In addition, did you know that each Monday in November you can catch the Kickin’ It cast during 7:30 PM ET/PT face off against the Jessie cast in a Wii U show-down?!

Congratulations to the very talented Kickin’ It cast on picking up a third season! Looking forward to more amazing episodes!

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