Zendaya Shakes Things Up On Season 16 Of “Dancing With The Stars” (@Zendaya @iamValC)


The triple threat- Zendaya had a super thrilling surprise for her fans today, February 26, 2013 with the announcement that she will be apart of season 16 of the hit show, Dancing With The Stars. Zendaya shared this group picture of herself with this season’s Dancing With The Stars cast through her Instagram account and wrote, “DWTS!!! LETS DO THIS THANG!!!!”

Zendaya’s dance partner will be Valentin Chmerkovskiy who tweeted, “Excited to work with the immense talent that is @Zendaya .. It’s not about the characters or the script, it’s all about the story #dwts”. “Please support @Zendaya and I as we embark on a (hopefully) long journey. Lots of work, alot of excitement, and a whole lotta potential”.

Zendaya will be the youngest contestant ever to have joined Dancing With The Stars.

Wishing Zendaya and Valentin Chmerkovskiy the best of luck on their exciting journey during the Dancing With The Stars competition!! You can show your support to Zendaya and Valentin Chmerkovskiy by tuning in each week and voting!

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