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Article: Worldwide Phenomenon Martin Garrix Talks About Working With Usher & His Upcoming Projects In An Interview With Billboard At Coachella!

14 Apr


Ah, Coachella – the trending topic for basically the whole month of April! Speaking of a trending topic – Mr. Martin Garrix himself. Worldwide phenomenon Martin Garrix is a trending topic everyday, everywhere, at any time with his impeccable talent and natural gift at being one of the world’s greatest DJs. Martin Garrix attended Coachella this year again (the DJ sensation took on the stage last year at the renowned music festival) and spoke exclusively with Billboard about working with Usher, his upcoming projects including a song with musical genius, Ed Sheeran and so much more!

The consummate DJ: Martin Garrix spoke about working with Usher and said, “The cool thing is Usher comes from like a different angle that I come from and those two worlds combined and we’re both really, really happy with the result”.

Watch more of the admirable and stupendous Martin Garrix’s incredible interview with Billboard at Coachella below! Martin Garrix is one word – a “genius”.

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Article: Geniuses Martin Garrix And Usher Team Up For Outstanding Track “Don’t Look Down”! Listen Here!

17 Mar


He’s the worldwide, DJ phenomenon who is one of the greatest EDM legends to date. He is the consummate musician whose songs have been chart-toppers ever since he entered in the entertainment world. Two geniuses, one track – let’s all embrace a song that has made everyone’s dreams come true… “Don’t Look Down”. Martin Garrix and Usher are two of the most respected artists – having them in the same sentence is excellent. Having Martin Garrix and Usher in the same room is even more wonderful. Having them work on a track together is an absolute masterpiece. With such a happy, feel-good and positive vibe to the song, “Don’t Look Down” is bound to be not just this upcoming summer’s anthem, but it will surely be the song of 2015. What could be greater than the one and only Martin Garrix and Usher on a song together?

Martin Garrix tweeted, “HERE WE GOOO! My new single feat. is out NOW on !!! “.

Usher tweeted, “Me and got one! is out now on ! “.

Check out the official lyric video for “Don’t Look Down” below and learn the lyrics by heart to this awe-inspiring song! Be sure to buy “Don’t Look Down” on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dont-look-down-feat.-usher/id976353584 and share “Don’t Look Down” to all your friends and family! Stupendous job once again to Martin Garrix and Usher!

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Justin Bieber Releases Music Video For “Fa La La”! (@JustinBieber @BoyzIIMen)

24 Nov

Think Justin Bieber has given out all his surprises for today? You’re wrong! As most of you may know, Justin Bieber had a lot of exciting surprises planned for his time in NYC. Today he performed at the “TODAY Show” and even brought Usher on stage to sing “The Christmas Song” along with him.

Now to add on to those surprises, Justin Bieber released the music video for his song “Fa La La” featuring Boyz II Men. Check out the music video below and then comment and tell me what you think of the video!