Article: Worldwide Phenomenon Martin Garrix Talks About Working With Usher & His Upcoming Projects In An Interview With Billboard At Coachella!


Ah, Coachella – the trending topic for basically the whole month of April! Speaking of a trending topic – Mr. Martin Garrix himself. Worldwide phenomenon Martin Garrix is a trending topic everyday, everywhere, at any time with his impeccable talent and natural gift at being one of the world’s greatest DJs. Martin Garrix attended Coachella this year again (the DJ sensation took on the stage last year at the renowned music festival) and spoke exclusively with Billboard about working with Usher, his upcoming projects including a song with musical genius, Ed Sheeran and so much more!

The consummate DJ: Martin Garrix spoke about working with Usher and said, “The cool thing is Usher comes from like a different angle that I come from and those two worlds combined and we’re both really, really happy with the result”.

Watch more of the admirable and stupendous Martin Garrix’s incredible interview with Billboard at Coachella below! Martin Garrix is one word – a “genius”.

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