Cody Simpson Releases “Evenings In London” 11/15/11! (@CodySimpson)

Hey guys! Yesterday, November 15th, Cody Simpson released his remix of Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” called “Evenings In London”. Once the video of “Evenings In London” reaches 100,000 views, Cody will release a free link to the mp3. Cody Simpson tweeted, “#EveningsInLondon is now live!! when you guys get the video to 100K views I will release a free link to the mp3 #OVO.”

Cody Simpson’s remix “Evenings In London” is incredible! Make sure you check out the video of it below and comment telling me what you think! Don’t forget to share it around to your friends and family so it can reach 100,000 views and Cody Simpson will release the free link to the mp3 so we all can listen to it all the time!

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