Get To Know More About… Lily Halpern! (@LilyMHalpern)

Recently released her music video for her song “Colors”? Yup! Was an opening act for Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance on their Waiting 4U Tour and Big Time Rush and Hot Chelle Rae? That’s her! Has some super catchy music like “Wishlist” and “Not Gonna Cry” that you wouldn’t want to stop listening to? That’s Lily Halpern for you! I was able to have an interview with Lily Halpern and now is your chance to “Get To Know” Lily Halpern a little more!

Q. What is your full name? A. Lily Halpern

Q. Nickname? A. Lil

Q. Coke or Pepsi? A. Neither, I don’t drink soda.

Q. Favorite song? A. Man In The Mirror

Q. Earliest memory? A. Playing football on the beach in Florida when I was five.

Q. Milk or Dark Chocolate? A. Dark Chocolate

Q. Who do you call when you’re upset? A. I call my mom when I’m upset.

Q. Beach or Mountains? A. Beach

Q. What kind of shoes are you wearing? A. Riding boots

Q. Favorite store? A. Bloomingdales in NYC

Q. What was the last thing you ate? A. A pizza my friend and I made together on an English muffin.

Q. Do you wish on stars? A. Yes!

Q. Best cartoon ever? A. Rugrats

Q. What scares you? A. Scared of losing someone I love

Q. Last person you spoke to? A. Speaking with my friend Blaine right now

Q. Least favorite vegetable? A. Brussel sprout

Q. One word to describe you? A. Goofy

Stay tuned with Lily Halpern through her Twitter: @LilyMHalpern and facebook page: Lily Halpern! Don’t forget to check out her music video for her song “Colors” below and check out her Youtube: Lily Halpern!

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