VIP Access: Lab Rats Countdown Day 3! (@BillyUnger)

It use to be TGIF. Now it’s TGILRCT!!! You’re probably thinking, what’s that suppose to mean? Well it means, Thank God It’s Lab Rats Countdown Time!!! Today is day three of the Lab Rats countdown meaning only twenty-four more days until the premiere of Lab Rats!

Here’s your day three “Get To Know Billy Unger” fact!!

Billy Unger can draw Spider Man really well!

Did you guys know that when Billy Unger was younger he wanted to be Spider Man?! Billy spoke about that during a recent interview he had.

Now you can see Billy Unger show off his superhuman powers in Lab Rats premiering on February 27th. Here’s a challenge! Try and tell as many people as you can about Lab Rats premiering on February 27th and then comment below here telling me how many people you’ve told. We can all get the word around!

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  1. i love looking forward to the countdown to the premier “LABRATS”. something my daughter looks forward to.. she is a huge @billyunger fan..we look forward reading your article daily specially about @billyunger !!! goodluck !!!

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