VIP Access: Lab Rats Countdown Day 4! (@BillyUnger)

You know what they say, a countdown a day keeps the Lab Rats premiere coming sooner and sooner!! Only twenty-three more days until your new favorite tv show will premiere!

Time to learn another fact about Billy Unger! Here’s day four’s “Get To Know Billy Unger” fact!

Billy Unger has been in a talent show and his talent was hip hop/ breakdancing! How cool?!

Did you guys know that you can go onto and play the Lab Rats game, “Bionic Heroics”?? You can play as Billy Unger’s character Chase. Chase is super smart but has a glitch which is commando mode. Commando mode comes in when Chase gets too angry. Go check out the “Bionic Heroics” game on the Lab Rats page on and comment below telling me what you think of it!

Don’t forget the challenge from Lab Rats countdown day three, make sure you keep telling as many people as you can about Lab Rats premiering February 27th!

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  1. loving this #LabRats @billyunger #COUNTDOWN.. THANK YOU @alexisjoyvipacc GREATLY APPRECIATE IT !!! and looking forward for the whole countdown with you, Labrats and @billyunger

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