VIP Access: Get To Know More About… Mckenzie Comer! (@MckenzieComer)

It’s Valentine’s Day (here in the US that is) and what better way to celebrate a lovely day than “Getting To Know More About” a very lovely girl! Her name is Mckenzie Comer, an Australian singer and songwriter who has already made her mark here in the US. At only fifteen, Mckenzie Comer has a large fanbase from different parts of the world, has went on a Camplified tour in the US, has her music playing in Forever New stores and is sponsored by Forever New. You may know that Mckenzie Comer’s talent was discovered on Youtube when she started uploading videos of herself singing but do you know what Mckenzie’s favorite song is? Or what about her favorite shoes?

Here at Alexisjoyvipaccess, you’ll get to find out those answers and even more through my exclusive interview with the very talented Mckenzie Comer. Mckenzie Comer fans, also known as Kenzettes, here’s my Valentine’s Day treat for you all and your chance to “Get To Know More About” your idol, Mckenzie Comer!

Q. What is your full name?  A. Mckenzie Hayley Comer

Q. Where were you born?    A. Auckland, New Zealand

Q. Who do you admire most?  A. Delta Goodrem

Q. Polka dots, Stripes, Plaid or Paisley?  A. Plaid

Q. Favorite color combination?  A. Creme and light pink

Q. Gold or Silver?  A. Silver

Q. Who do you wish you could sing a duet with?  A. Colbie Caillat

Q. Favorite song?  A. Love on Top by Beyonce

Q. Favorite place you have been to?  A. Bath, England

Q. Favorite school subject?  A. English

Q. Cosmetic you can’t live without?  A. Glitter!

Q. Favorite accessory?  A. Pearl earrings

Q. Small purse or Giant bag?  A. Small purse

Q. Island Cabana, European castle, Safari tent, or Ski lodge?  A. Island Cabana

Q. My favorite shoes are __________.  A. Heels!

Q. Favorite thing to do on the weekend?  A. To go shopping!

Q. One word to describe you?  A. Focused

Now that you”Got To Know More About” Mckenzie Comer, make sure you stay connected with her through her social media networks. Mckenzie Comer just recently hit 40,000 followers on Twitter and you can be one of her many followers as well by following her: @MckenzieComer. “Like” her on her Facebook page: Mckenzie Comer and don’t forget to subscribe to Mckenzie’s Youtube channel: MckenzieComerMusic. Check out a sneak peek of her new single below from her Youtube page called “You Do That To Me”.

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