VIP Access: Lab Rats Countdown Day 15! (@BillyUnger)

We all wake up to something in the morning whether it be the radio, an alarm clock, or in some cases a bucket of cold water poured on us! But Billy Unger fans, here’s the question. Have you ever wondered what Lab Rats star Billy Unger wakes up to?? Well I have the answer for you through my exclusive interview with Billy!

Check out day fifteen’s “Get To Know Billy Unger” fact to find out the answer!

Billy Unger wakes up to the radio, not an alarm clock!

Comment below and tell me, what do you wake up to? An alarm clock or the radio like Billy?

For all of you who started the Lab Rats countdown with me from day one, do you remember day three’s challenge? It was to tell as many people as you can each day about the premiere of Lab Rats on February 27th! Each day try and tell one more person than you did the day before. Don’t forget that challenge! Make sure you are continuing to spread the word!!

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