VIP Access: “On My Own” Countdown Day 4! (@MissErinUnger)

Okay, so I know all of us are really, really excited for the debut of Erin Unger’s EP “On My Own” out on iTunes March 22nd but we should all try and “Keep Calm And Wait For On My Own”, don’t you guys think?? Yeah, I know, it’s going to be hard for me too knowing that “On My Own” comes out in only eighteen more days!!

Speaking of trying things, would Erin Unger try skydiving, rappelling or scuba diving?? Want to know the answer? Well here it is in day four’s “Get To Know Erin Unger” fact of the day!!

Erin Unger would try skydiving, rappelling and scuba diving! Comment below and tell me, would you try any of those? If so, which ones?

Check out Erin Unger’s Tumblr here: and you can see posts like the one she just posted below!

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