Thomas TMoney & The Bomb Digz Put A Spin On “It Will Rain” @ThomasTMoney @The_Bomb_Digz

At only eleven years old, this trio definitely has the talent that will take them far. The Bomb Digz includes Thomas TMoney who you know as the talented dancer with moves that could make your jaw drop from the ICONic Boyz who were in season six of America’s Best Dance Crew, Lucas Perry and Devin Gordon whose voices you would not want to stop listening to. Together, Thomas TMoney, Lucas, and Devin just recently put a spin on Bruno Mars’s hit song “It Will Rain”. Now after watching the video below, you can agree with me that all three did a fantastic job! Not only is Thomas TMoney a talented dancer, but an amazing rapper as well!

Check out The Bomb Digz’s “It Will Rain” remix below. Like what you hear? Hold on, let me rephrase that, LOVE what you hear (since I know you all will like it already); then you can download the remix right here: .

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