VIP Access: “On My Own” Countdown Day 8! (@MissErinUnger)

I can’t help but “Smile” and realize here at Alexisjoyvipaccess, 100 articles have been written!! And what better way to celebrate the 100th article on Alexisjoyvipaccess than countdown to Erin Unger’s EP “On My Own” out on iTunes March 22nd?! Yeah, I couldn’t think of anything either!

Today is day eight of the “On My Own” countdown and that means only two more weeks from now and “On My Own” releases on iTunes. You heard it right Erin Unger fans, only TWO more weeks! Isn’t that exciting?!

For day eight’s “Get To Know Erin Unger” fact of the day, you get to find out what Erin’s favorite school subjects are! Here are the answers!

Erin Unger’s favorite school subject is English or history!

Comment below and tell me, what is your favorite school subject?

Not only will Erin Unger’s EP “On My Own” be released on iTunes on March 22nd, but her video for “On My Own” will be shared with the world that day too! March 22nd is definitely a day to mark down on your calendars so get to it!!

Check out the above picture in this article, it’s Erin Unger in the studio! Follow Erin Unger on Twitter: @MissErinUnger

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