VIP Access: “On My Own” Countdown Day 9! (@MissErinUnger)

A typical day for an Erin Unger fan might consist of listening to Erin Unger’s music and counting down to the debut date of her EP “On My Own”. And when it’s time to have a quick snack, what do you get to nosh on? In my exclusive interview with Erin Unger, I found out what Erin Unger’s favorite thing to nosh on is and now you can find out too!

Check out the answer below in day nine’s “Get To Know Erin Unger” fact of the day!

Erin Unger’s favorite thing to nosh on is… watermelon!

Comment below and tell me, what is your favorite thing to nosh on?

There are only thirteen more days until Erin Unger’s EP “On My Own” debuts on iTunes! Make sure you tell everyone you know; friends, family, relatives about Erin Unger’s EP and don’t forget to stay tuned on March 22nd to see Erin Unger’s video for “On My Own”!

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