What Would Ross Lynch Be If He Wasn’t An Actor? (@rossr5)

What does ice hockey and Ross Lynch have to do with each other? It might be a tough question considering most of us know Ross Lynch as ‘Austin’ from the hit Disney Channel tv show Austin and Ally. Well, besides being a musician, Ross Lynch has major skills in ice hockey! In fact Ross has been playing ice hockey ever since he was three-years-old!

Ross Lynch spoke with BOP Magazine in their April issue and said, “My family all plays ice hockey. We try to go [to the rink] at least once a week to play a game of hockey. It’s so much fun!”

How cool is it that Ross Lynch and his family (his siblings and him form the band: R5) still manage to make time to play some ice hockey despite their hectic schedules?!

Comment below and tell me, or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, did you know that Ross Lynch plays ice hockey??

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