Joel Courtney Spends The Day At The Happiest Place On Earth! (@Joel_Courtney)

When you hear “happiest place on Earth”, you can’t help but right away think… Disneyland! Today Super 8 actor Joel Courtney spent the day at Disneyland with his brother and some friends. Now you probably remember the first time you went to Disneyland as it was definitely magical and today most definitely was a memorable day for Joel Courtney too! Today happened to be Joel Courtney’s first time in Disneyland!

Joel tweeted, “This is my first time at Disneyland. Have any favorites? Which ride should @Caleb_Courtney & @bag2Gallie & I go on?”

It may be Joel Courtney’s first time going to Disneyland but he definitely knows the right rides to go on! Joel tweeted that he went on the StarTours ride, Space Mountain, the Indiana Jones ride, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Splash Mountain, The Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain and I’m sure he will be going on plenty of more rides!

I wonder what Joel Courtney’s favorite ride has been so far! Have any rides you think Joel should go on? Comment with them below or tweet them to me at @alexisjoyvipacc!

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