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It’s Tuesday… but not your average Tuesday, Tealanators! It’s Teala Tuesday and today my VIP Access EXCLUSIVE interview with the multi-talented Teala is out for you to enjoy!! You may know actress Teala Dunn from the hit TV series Are We There Yet?  where she plays “Lindsey” and if you watch Disney Channel’s Shake It Up! you’ll know Teala Dunn as “Gina”. If you spend a lot of time searching through and watching Youtube videos then you definitely have came across one or more of Teala Dunn’s awesome Youtube videos. Well, get ready because in my VIP Access EXCLUSIVE interview with Teala you “Get To Know More About” her! Find out Teala’s beauty “must-have”, her hidden talent and loads more below! It was a  great pleasure interviewing Teala Dunn!

Alexisjoyvipaccess Q1:  What is your favorite thing about being an actress?

Teala Dunn: My favorite thing about being an actress is being able to do what I love and inspire others.

Alexisjoyvipaccess Q2: What was it like working on the set of Shake It Up?

Teala Dunn: Working on the set of Shake It Up was a blast!! It was so much fun being able to work with such a nice and awesome cast. Definitely the best set i have been on so far.

Alexisjoyvipaccess Q3: Out of all the roles you have played so far, do you have one that is your favorite? If so, what role is it?

Teala Dunn: Out of all the roles I have played so far, Lindsey (Are we there yet) is totally my favorite.. But I have to say Gina (Shake It Up) is giving Lindsey a run for her money haha. I love both.

Alexisjoyvipaccess Q4: Who do you think should play you if you had a movie version of your life?

Teala Dunn: If I had a movie version of my life, I would have either Halle Berry or Kat Graham play me. That would be one awesome movie.

Alexisjoyvipaccess Q5: Besides acting, what are some other things you love to do?

Teala Dunn: Besides acting, I love to hang out with friends, go to movies, shop and make Youtube videos. Its so much fun, and also a great way to connect with fans.

Alexisjoyvipaccess Q6: What upcoming projects are you working on that your fans should look forward to?

Teala Dunn: As far as upcoming projects for fans to look forward to..  there are lots and I mean lots of new episodes of Are We There Yet? coming later this year. And my episode of Shake it Up is always on so they can catch me on the Disney Channel.

Alexisjoyvipaccess Q7: You also have a second Youtube channel” Tealaxx2 for fashion and beauty fun! What is your fashion/beauty “must-have”??

Teala Dunn: My fashion/beauty “must-have”  for beauty it would have to be pink lipstick/lipgloss. I can’t go anywhere without it. I always have the color pink on my lips.. It’s my favorite color.I believe you can’t go wrong with a great lip color. As far as a fashion “must have” for summer, totally high waist shorts and cardigans. I love cardigans it can totally pull an outfit together.

Alexisjoyvipaccess Q8: What is your number one fashion/beauty advice?

Teala Dunn: My number one fashion/beauty advice when it comes to beauty, always be even.. If you are doing a dark eye look, don’t wear a bright lip color wear a nude color.. If you are doing a simple eye look, pop the lips with some color. A little goes a long way. As for fashion.. never wear denim on denim that’s a total “no”  “no” hehe.

Alexisjoyvipaccess Q9: Do you have a hidden talent that not too many people know about that you can tell exclusively to all the VIPs on Alexisjoyvipaccess?

Teala Dunn: My hidden talent … well some people may not know this but I edit all of my Youtube videos myself.. I’m a pretty good editor. I can also Sing. :)

Alexisjoyvipaccess Q10: If you could bring out one special message to your fans, what would that be?

Teala Dunn: A special message to my fans… Just always be yourself.. Never change who you are for anyone. Never ever give up. I love all my Tealanators. <3

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