Congrats “Lab Rats” Cast! Disney XD Show Lab Rats Gets A Second Season! (@BillyUnger)


LOVE  the Disney XD show Lab Rats?! (Who doesn’t?!) Well then you are going to LOVE the news in this article. Disney XD’s top-rated series Lab Rats has gotten picked up for a second season!! That means more Lab Rats!! (YAY!) Lab Rats was Disney XD’s number one original series telecast of all time in overall viewers and it didn’t stop there! Lab Rats is Disney XD’s highest -rated series ever!

Lab Rats is created and executive produced by Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore and stars Billy Unger, Kelli Berglund, Spencer Boldman, Tyrel Jackson Williams, Hal Sparks and Angel Parker!!

Congrats to the amazing Lab Rats cast on picking up a second season!! I can’t wait to see more Lab Rats episodes!! Make sure you all keep tuning in each week for a new Lab Rats episode so there can not only be a second season, but a third… fourth… fifth (And well you get the point!!) Lab Rats will be moving to Thursday nights starting in June so keep watching and I’m very happy for the great news for the Lab Rats cast!

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