The Bomb Digz Cover Justin Bieber’s Song “Die In Your Arms”!


I think we all can agree that The Bomb Digz’s covers just keep getting better and better! If you thought their last cover was amazing, wait until you hear their latest one they just released today! The Bomb Digz put out their latest cover today of Justin Bieber’s song “Die In Your Arms”. “Die In Your Arms” is off of Justin Bieber’s upcoming album, Believe.

Check out The Bomb Digz’s fantastic cover below! It’s the bomb, don’t you guys think?! (See what I did there?) After watching the video, take the poll below or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc what your favorite Bomb Digz cover is!

Want to keep listening to The Bomb Digz’s cover of “Die In Your Arms” on your iPods?? Here’s the FREE download link: ! Don’t forget to tell your friends and share The Bomb Digz’s newest cover around!

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