Tiffany Espensen Has Fun In The Big Apple! (@TiffyEspensen)


Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures star Tiffany Espensen has been having a blast on her vacation; and making us all feel like we are on the vacation with her with these wonderful pictures she has been sharing! On Tiffany’s vacation, she made special stops in Miami, Washington D.C. and is currently in the Big Apple, NYC!

Tiffany is a NYC darling with all these wonderful pictures she is sharing on her Instagram! Although it was rainy today in NYC, that didn’t stop Tiffany from making the most out of her trip to the “City That Never Sleeps”!

Hey look! Tiffany saw her friend, Shake It Up star Kenton Duty while on her trip! How cool?! Kenton Duty is currently in NYC filming for a movie.

I wonder what Tiffany Espensen’s favorite part about NYC is! Is it the hustle and bustle of the city streets, the heart of Manhattan, Time Square or something else? So cool that she’s currently at my home place! Hope Tiffany is having a blast!

You can follow Tiffany Espensen on her Instagram for more great pictures like these: tiffypics

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