Alli Simpson Reveals Her 1Derful Surprise 6/20/12! @AlliSimpson @OneDirection @RadioDisney


Alli Simpson revealed her ‘1Derful’ surprise today on Twitter! (See what I did there?) For all of you who follow Alli Simpson on her Twitter and Instagram (Who doesn’t?!), you may remember Alli Simpson sharing this beautiful picture of herself along with writing, ” on my way to a secret event.. all will be revealed soon.. ;)” Well that secret event happened to be at the Radio Disney studio with none other than the boy band heart-throb, One Direction!!!

Alli tweeted today, “Wanna know the secret event I attended on Monday? I had the privilege to join @ONEDIRECTION in the @RADIODISNEY studios & interview them.” She continued by writing, “Pictures and videos from my day with @onedirection, coming later today! ;)”

I had the most terrific time when I met One Direction at the first class lounge while I was travelling and I think every girl can agree it’s one of the most surreal things. I wonder how Alli felt when she met One Direction?!


 Stay tuned here at for more updates on Alli Simpson’s day with One Direction. You can follow Alli Simpson on her Twitter: @AlliSimpson and Instagram: @AlliSimpson to keep updated with the fabulous Alli Simpson!

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