Article: Do You ‘Like 2 Party’? Check Out Roshon’s New Music Video For #NewMusicWednesday


Do you “Like 2 Party”?? Roshon does! And who wouldn’t when you’re listening to Roshon’s song “Like 2 Party?! Okay, so Roshon can act, sing, dance, beat-box… AND play the guitar?!? Not to mention, Roshon can excel at all of those… and more!! Roshon is giving his fans a RO-filled summer with a free single every Wednesday and if you think that’s amazing already; it gets even better! Not only is Roshon giving a free single but a new music video each Wednesday as well!

This Wedneday’s music video is for “Like 2 Party” and you can all check it out below!! Loving this song Roshon!! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what you think of Roshon’s all new music video for “Like 2 Party”! What’s been your favorite ‘New Music Wednesday’ treat from Roshon?? I want to know!

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