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Get ready world because you’ll be seeing a lot more of singer Jack Skuller!! Jack Skuller is a fresh face to the music industry with an awesome rock and roll genre of music. Jack Skuller had a performance at the Rockwood Music Hall in NYC on June 17, 2012 and Alexis Joy of Alexisjoyvipaccess sat down to chat with Jack all about his music!

Hear what Jack has to say about how he got started in the music industry, his backstage routines and more in my ALL NEW VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview with the talented singer! VIPs, you can watch the video interview below, read the interview, or both! It was a pleasure to interview Jack Skuller!

Jack Skuller fans make sure to stay tuned here at for some more VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE videos and pictures from Jack’s NYC performance. Also, don’t forget to stay updated with Jack Skuller as he has some big news to announce tomorrow! But until then, have a look at my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview with Jack Skuller below and learn more about him and his music!

Alexisjoyvipaccess: Jack, can you tell us how you got your start in the music business?

Jack Skuller: Well, I was always around music growing up and my dad was a singer. He lives in Hoboken; I would always go to his shows and he would take me to other shows; and I just knew since I was really little that it was something that I wanted to do. And I’ve always been really serious about it.

Alexisjoyvipaccess: That’s great! So, the first time you ever performed on stage, what were your emotions like?

Jack Skuller: I was really scared! I actually had a fever, a really high fever!  And it was a school talent show and I really wanted to do it anyway so I just did it and instead of taking a bow at the end, I ran off the stage! Yeah, it was scary.

Alexisjoyvipaccess: Well obviously you don’t have a fever now; but do you still get those kind of nerves when you perform on stage?

Jack Skuller: Well, since I’ve been doing it so much, for so long now; well I’m only sixteen but you know what I mean, it feels so second nature, like it’s so natural. I love it! It’s the best feeling in the world!

Alexisjoyvipaccess: That’s great! Do you have any backstage routines or things you do before a show?

Jack Skuller: Well I always warm up my voice, do some exercises. I always carry these beads with me that my sister made, my little sister, for good luck! But that’s about it.

Alexisjoyvipaccess: That’s awesome! So if you could collaborate with any musician, alive or not, who would it be?

Jack Skuller: I think just having a dinner with Elvis Presley and getting advice from him or having a writing session with him would be like the coolest thing ever!!

Alexisjoyvipaccess: That would be very cool! Can you tell us what upcoming projects your fans should be looking forward to?

Jack Skuller: There is some big news coming up that I don’t think I can talk about yet but there’s going to be some performance dates in Florida and in Illinois, which is very exciting! A lot of stuff going on this summer; so you can get all that information on my social networks.

Alexisjoyvipaccess: Great! So if you could bring out one message to all your fans that are watching right now, what would that be?

Jack Skuller: Thank you for supporting me and I hope you can stay with me for as long as I’m alive!!

Alexisjoyvipaccess: Great!! Can you tell all the VIPs and your fans watching your Twitter and social media so they can stay connected with you?

Jack Skuller: Yeah! I’m on Twitter and Facebook and you can go to my website, tweet me @JackSkuller, and you can write to me, I’ll probably write to you back!

Alexisjoyvipaccess: Thank you so much for talking with me Jack and make sure you all stay tuned with Jack Skuller through all his social media networks!!

Jack Skuller: Thank you!!

Pictures and Interview done by Alexis Joy of Alexisjoyvipaccess

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